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Shawl | Patented Stretch Metal Chain | Natalia Fedner

The Patented Stretch Metal Chain Shawl is made with Natalia Fedner's magical patented chain metal. Currently available in two colors, gold or silver.

Each scarf is carefully handmade in your chosen metal and comes with a hand-engraved logo tag in the same metal. The metal is pressed flat to create an ethereal sparkle – that looks like crystals from a distance. This beautiful scarf can be worn in a variety of ways. A few examples include: around the neck, sarong, bikini top, head wrap, and shoulder shawl. This scarf is sure to be a staple in your closet for how perfectly it can complement any outfit!

-60″ long
- 100% Metal Textile
- 6-Way Stretch
- Comfortable & Strong
- Instantaneously Molds to Body