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Covid-19 Mask | Eye Collection

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 Matching Surgical Caps now available! 

Wednesday, March 25th, we launched production on our first batch of 1,250 #Coronavirus masks. Since launching, we have been flooded with requests from various doctors, nurses, and health organizations for more and are in production for over 9,500 to date.

This collection is designed with eye doctors, surgeons, and eyewear store workers in mind. We have selected 10 fun patterns from which you can choose. We suggest choosing a pattern for each day of the week and have your staff coordinate!

These are made of non-woven polypropylene fabric with an outer layer of tightly woven cotton. They have a pocket inside into which a HEPA filter can be inserted, a nose wire, and elastic at the chin for an optimal fit. They are designed to fit over an existing #N95 mask to help prolong the use.

Masks come in 2 sizes - Adult and Child.
Fit can be adjusted by tying a knot in the ear elastic. 
Adult Mask: 10" wide X 6.5" tall (not including ear elastics)
Child Mask: 8" wide X 5.25" tall  (not including ear elastics)

Mask Care: Machine or Hand Wash in hot water. A disinfectant like a non-chlorine bleach can be used. If using a filter inside the mask, the filter should be discarded after each use. 

10% of the sales of this collection will help fund our free masks to our front line responders to the pandemic. 


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This is a personal use item and cannot be returned.



#1 Rainbow Glasses
#2 Teal Optical
#3 Black and White
#4 Colorful Eye Chart
#5 Nazar
#6 Dark Sunnies
#7 Retro Glasses
#8 Winking Eye
#9 Black & White Sunglasses
#10 Evil Eye