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Macarons by Megan, the Book | Megan Brown

Indulge in Macarons by Megan! Mouthwatering photographs and step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire process—from crafting the delicate shells to making the rich ganache and luscious buttercream fillings. Along the way, Megan shares her secrets to creating perfect French confections and the special journey that inspired her to try her hand as a baker-pâtissier.

Explore over 30 flavors, ranging from classic chocolate to exotic florals with fruit accents, that will adorn your table throughout the seasons. Megan’s passion and creativity are sure to inspire you to make these delectable treats yourself and elevate your baking skills to new heights!

Meet Megan Brown

The farmer’s daughter turned Houston city gal and baker-pâtissier, making macarons MORE! – because more is more, according to Megan.

Megan Brown is a native South Texan and farmer’s daughter turned Houston city girl with an infectious personality that is always on show. Megan discovered the world of macarons as a perfect outlet for her innate work ethic and creativity. And as life's ventures led her to struggle with fertility, she further perfected her baking craft, using it as an ideal form of self-care.

Macarons by Megan shares the endless possibilities of flavors and designs to make macarons both delicious and visually stunning. She draws inspiration for her recipes from her daughter, Collins, holiday festivities, elegant tea parties, and more!

Megan holds a degree in engineering that she pours into her career in sales in Houston’s booming energy industry. She balances this act with dedicated philanthropic and charitable service but, above all, her family. Megan’s constant, her husband Jordan, keeps her grounded yet encourages her to continue being adventurous, so she keeps making his favorite chocolate macarons.

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