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Modern Hexagon Wood Clutch | Equal Hands

This wooden clutch is designed for people who are not satisfied with beat down, everyday designs that we see in most accessories. It sports a classic diamond checkered, black and white, marblesque pattern that not only looks modern and minimalist, but also makes the clutch easily paired with every kind of outfit under the sun.

The bags are manufactured in 8 different Indian cities and cosmopolitans by the joint efforts of 7-8 artisans with varying areas of expertise, like woodwork, metalwork, embroidery, etc. Some of the bags are made from recycled items to promote sustainable fashion and reduce environmental waste. These 100% vegan bags with minimal carbon footprints are the prime source of livelihood for over 25 indigenous artisans.

Width: 9 in
Length: 4 in
Strap: 47 in
Depth: 2 in