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Pop The Bubbly Flutes | Tart by Taylor

The fizzing of the champagne when being poured into a glass brings nothing but pure joy. It brings memories of celebrating and cheering. No matter the event these plastic wine glasses by Tart by Taylor are a must.

But what is so special about these plastic wine glasses? Asides from being portable and chic, these champagne glasses are ready for the go. They are perfect for a chill picnic day or the holidays like New Year’s Day. These champagne glasses are lightweight and make every outfit look stylish. Especially this orange color that would look great with navy, brown, and pink. Tart by Taylor handmakes their products, so no two are alike! They also serve great as a gift for someone, or maybe it’s time to spoil yourself a little!

So, what are you waiting for? Add a splash of color and fun to your next event with this chic and portable orange plastic wine glass!


Do not machine wash, hand wash with lukewarm water only. We recommend using a soft dishcloth instead of a sponge or brush.

Fun for everyone! Be entertained and learn while putting together this puzzle! You'll have a great time!
Wine aromas and food pairing tips with each wine!
1000 Piece puzzle with puzzle dimensions, poster dimensions, and box dimensions!
Water and Wines cares about the environment. For every puzzle purchase, Water and Wines promises to plant a tree and also promises to donate a percentage of their profit to charity to provide people with clean drinking water.

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