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Inside the Design Studio LIVE!

Saturday, September, 30th

12-2 PM

12:30 PM - Interview Begins

David Peck, host of Inside the Design Studio, will interview Amanda Hanks Bayles about designing a life around philanthropy and fun!

Enjoy cocktails, Sweet treats, and shop for a cause!

A portion of sales will go to support The Junior League of Houston.

NEW! Maison Magazine!

The fourth edition of Maisonmagazine! Come see what's new in the store for the month of May!

I hope this issue gives you the travel bug. One of my favorite things is sharing where I've traveled and where to go in my favorite cities. I also love hearing from you and what you love. These shared experiences make the world a richer and more beautiful place to live.

So join me, why don't you, in our great escape.

At David Peck, we know that you want to be confidently unique. To do that, you need something special for life’s most significant moments. You can’t find what you are looking for when you need it, making you feel insecure and frustrated. We believe you deserve to stand out in life’s biggest moments. We understand that planning is hard and know what it’s like to face a world full of choices and nothing fits, which is why we help thousands of women design their memories.

So, let’s chat. And in the meantime, take our quiz to find out who your style star is and shine a light on your personal style. So, you can stop settling and feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and instead ALWAYS feel confident for EVERY big moment!



Schedule a Consultation!

We love making shopping EASY. You are always welcome to visit us during normal business hours, but we do recommend having an appointment if you are thinking about a custom dress or gown. 

Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want. That's what we do best! Just bring whatever ideas you have!

The idea of escaping has followed me all summer. This heat wave is just here in Houston, so sometimes that escape needs to just be the indoor, air conditioned type. Here are four shows that I'm watching to help me dream of cooler climates and stunning scenery. 

Face it. It's Barbie's world and we're all living in it. 
Leo season is here and ready for its closeup. Who are we kidding? Leos are always ready for their closeup!