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Nicole Kaspar wearing a custom David Peck Bridal Gown and wedding dress. photography by Cody Bess.
Nicole Kaspar wearing a custom David Peck Bridal Gown and wedding dress. photography by Cody Bess.

At David Peck, we know that you want to be confidently unique. To do that, you need something special for life’s most significant moments. You can’t find what you are looking for when you need it, making you feel insecure and frustrated. We believe you deserve to stand out in life’s biggest moments. We understand that planning is hard and know what it’s like to face a world full of choices and nothing fits, which is why we help thousands of women design their memories.

So, let’s chat. And in the meantime, take our quiz to find out who your style star is and shine a light on your personal style. So, you can stop settling and feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and instead ALWAYS feel confident for EVERY big moment!



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We love making shopping EASY. You are always welcome to visit us during normal business hours, but we do recommend having an appointment if you are thinking about a custom dress or gown. 

Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want. That's what we do best! Just bring whatever ideas you have!

You know when you find something that just makes you smile and you've just gotta share it with the world? Well, that's what our latest addition to the boutique does for me. Ready for it???
We're back! And I really mean it this time. Here's the 411 on what's been happening since the last time I checked in and gave an update!

Planning a wedding and finding the perfect wedding dress during the pandemic can be troublesome, but local Houstonian bride, Kasey French Raley, did it! Come read more about this Texan bride's experience with creating her luxurious yet classic custom dream dress with David Peck.  Enjoy the nitty gritty, magical details of Kasey's big day all during COVID-19!