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Free Priority Mail shipping on orders over $75!

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About Us and Core Values

Here at David Peck, our core value is to empower women through design. We want to encourage women to be proactive and design their memories with intention.

We make sure that every brand that we carry in our store that we outsource fit at least one of three criteria that we have set.

  1. Local
    - We love supporting local, small businesses. Small business is the backbone of our economy

  2. Women Owned
    - Women have traditionally been underrepresented and underfunded as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our mission is to empower women through design and what better way to do that than prioritizing carrying brands by women owned and led businesses.

  3. Minority Owned
    - Inspired by movements like the 15% pledge, which asks retailers to put their purchasing power where their community is, we are dedicated to carrying products that reflect the diversity of our country, but especially of Houston. 
    - We focus on actively seeking out brands from Black and minority owned businesses. At least 15% of the products/brands that we carry (outside of our own) will come from minority owned businesses.

Design should be intentional
Our spaces reflect our mental state. That is why I believe in intentional design and why I want our physical locations to reflect elements that are curated, collected and have meaning. All the art, furniture, lighting, and design elements beyond the clothes are products or services that we believe in and want our clients to want in their own spaces.

If you believe that you have products that fit our criteria and would like us to carry your product, please e-mail us at!