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The Semi-Custom Process

Choosing the perfect couture experience can be as personal as the garments themselves. At David Peck, we offer three distinct options to cater to your unique needs and desires: Fully CustomSemi-Custom, and Made to Order
If you have a question, ask us! There are no stupid questions, and we've made wedding dresses in 3 days (not our first recommendation, but life happens!), so know that the timelines presented here are just a starting point. 


Muslin Draped on a dress form to create a pattern by David Peck

What is Semi-Custom? Semi-Custom allows you to choose an existing David Peck design and make minimal style changes, along with selecting your preferred color, size, and fabric. It offers a balance between personalization and efficiency.

Ideal for: Clients who desire a unique garment with a personal touch but within a shorter timeframe and a more streamlined process. Many clients fall into this category, even ones who think that they want a fully custom garment. We have literally hundreds of styles to choose from in our archive library. 

*This isn't just for gowns! We make blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, gowns... There are so many options! 

Process Overview:

  • Design Consultation: Discuss ideas, take measurements, and choose from existing styles to create a look customized for YOU!
  • Muslin Fitting: (If necessary) Try on a mock-up to adjust the fit.
  • Fabric Fittings: Try on the garment in your chosen fabric, with adjustments as needed.
  • Final Fitting: Make last adjustments to ensure perfect fit.
  • Pick Up: Your semi-custom creation is ready!

Timeline: Approximately 6-8 weeks.

Cost: More accessible than fully custom, offering a balance of customization and cost-efficiency. The price is largely dependent on fabric and silhouette. Semi-custom prices start with the base price of our existing designs and go from there. 

Personalization Level: Moderate – adjustments to existing designs with personalized fabric and fit.

Preparation Tips: Bring inspiration photos, browse our website and social media for style inspiration, and bring the proper undergarments and shoes to fittings.

The Details

We are here to guide you through your custom design experience. The below steps are a general guideline of what you can expect the process to look like. Keep in mind that each garment is unique to you so there can be variations in the process.

Design Consultation: 

There is a $100 Design Consult Fee to reserve your appointment. The fee will be applied to your purchase should you desire to move forward. If you decide to not continue with the process, your fee with be converted into a gift card that you can use in our boutique. 

*Preparation Tips: Bring inspiration photos, know your event timeline, and have an open mind for creative exploration.*

At your design consultation, we'll discuss ideas and inspirations for your semi-custom dress or garment. You will try on samples if necessary, and review fabric and embellishment options before approving a final design. Be sure to bring any inspiration that you may have, i.e. Pinterest pictures and existing garments! 

At this appointment, we will also quote the price of the garment. When you are ready to move forward, we take your measurements and schedule all of your fittings and pick up date.

Fashion Illustration by David Peck with colored pencils and fabric draped on a cutting table

Muslin Fitting (if necessary): Depending on your design, this appointment may or may not be neededDuring this appointment, you’ll try on a prototype or muslin of your dress to get an idea of the shape and silhouette on your body. A muslin is a mockup of your design in a simple fabric. It is at this fitting that we can make any design changes that need to be made before cutting the dress or garment in the final fabric.

Muslin Draped on a dress form to create a pattern by David Peck

Fabric Fitting:  At your fabric fitting, you will get to try your dress/garment on in the chosen fabric from your design consultation. If you have the actual shoes or shoes of similar height you plan to wear with your garment, please bring them so that we can make adjustments to the hem length, as well as the proper undergarments so that you can see the exact fit. Any alterations or adjustments will be made at this fitting. The number of subsequent fabric fittings will vary depending on the complexity of the design.

David Peck sketching in his factory atelier with a wedding dress in the background

Final Fitting:  This is the very last fitting before you take the garment home with you. If you have the actual shoes or shoes of similar height you plan to wear with your garment, please bring them, as well as the proper undergarments so that you can see the accurate fit. It is important to us at David Peck that your dress fits you perfectly and that you feel beautiful and are in love with the end result once you leave us.

The best part of our job is making you feel like the best version of yourself!


This timeline is an estimate. Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum.

  • Design Consultation
  • Possible Muslin fitting: 2 weeks after consultation
  • Fabric Fitting: 1-2 weeks after muslin
  • Possible Additional Fitting(s): 1-2 weeks after previous fitting
  • Final Fitting: 1-2 weeks after last fabric fitting
  • Pick Up: 1 week after final fitting

Things to bring to each fitting:

  • Proper under garments
  • Shoes you plan to wear for the event
  • Jewelry or accessories (Optional)