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David's World

The idea of escaping has followed me all summer. This heat wave is just here in Houston, so sometimes that escape needs to just be the indoor, air conditioned type. Here are four shows that I'm watching to help me dream of cooler climates and stunning scenery. 

Face it. It's Barbie's world and we're all living in it. 
Leo season is here and ready for its closeup. Who are we kidding? Leos are always ready for their closeup!
With Tami Hiraoka's help, we've come up with four places you can escape to, one location for each season. In this post, we'll explore the top picks for Summer and Fall!
Our latest edition of Maison Magazine inspires this one. If you can't escape TO Japan, you might be inspired by Japan! 

How luxury travel guru Tami Hiraoka went from a corporate job to using the world as her office as co-founder of Fresi Travels. 

I'm thrilled to welcome internationally renowned Fashion Designer and Fashion Illustrator Marina Saba Inside the Design Studio! Marina's experience ranges from couture bridal wear to eco-friendly sportswear and visual art.

I can't remember the exact date I met Emily. It must have been at one our our spouses' mutual friends' weddings or class reunions. Say that 5 times fast...

When I heard that Emily had written a novel, I knew we would carry it in the store and am so thrilled that she is not only joining us today on the blog, but also for our first ever "Inside the Design Studio (LIVE!)" event on February 8th! Be sure to join us if you can!

I am beyond thankful for the support and loyalty of our clients. Halfway through 2022, we moved into our new store space and launched our boutique, selling gifts and accessories from local, woman-owned, and minority-owned small businesses. This has led to an explosion of growth and many new faces we happily welcome!

With the holiday season is approaching (where did the time go?), many clients have been asking me what gifts to get for their loved ones. I wouldn't say that I'm a oenophile, however, but what I am an expert in is gift giving