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Client Stories

Kasey French Raley

Q:How did you find me (David Peck)?

A:You and I went farther back than I realized beecause you had worked with a few prominent names in the Houston community: Josephine Firat and Susan Plank. Also, you've made a lot of great philanthropic appearances and generous gestures for the community. I would always watch in awe as you worked the room. 

One day, I was sitting with my now mother-in-law worried about the impact the pandemic would have on bridal gown material. She said there was a custom gown designer just down the road who might be able to make the timing work, where a bigger store wouldn’t. I asked her to send me his name. Next, when her friend got back to her, I squealed in delight when I realized it was you! I called immediately, and it was like two old friends getting together after a while.

Kalli O'Malley

While we didn't design the wedding gown, through the process of doing the wedding gown alterations and multiple looks for Lauren O'Malley's mom, Kalli, and grandmother, I feel like I made friends for life. 

I made the last-minute decision to head to Round Top for the wedding at Kalli's request and I'm so glad that I did. While I was able to help with some heat-related wedding dress issues (don't ask, haha!), the best part was that I got to see Windy Knoll and the beautiful venue that they have created to not only celebrate Lauren in Jake's wedding but now anyone can get married in this idyllic setting! When I say it's spectacular, it's an understatement. The attention to detail is beyond. If you are looking to get married in the country without sacrificing a bit of luxury, this is your place. 

Ali Kahn Geiger

We actually never met in person before Ali asked if I could do her wedding dress. When we did finally meet (after the wedding), it was very quickly in a storeroom at the Houston Galleria. Such is the oh, so glamourous world of fashion.

Ali had a vision for what she wanted and I immediately got it. I loved that she wanted a no-frills, but glamourous dress for the ultimate California nuptials in Rancho Palo Verdes. It was perfect for her, her style, and the setting.

Caroline Looke Benak

Each wedding we get to do is so unique and special, mostly because we get to meet wonderful brides and their families. For Caroline Looke Benak's wedding, we met a whole lot more. In addition to looks for Caroline, we did a total of 10 custom bridesmaid dresses in luscious emerald green velvet along with the flower girl and 2 ring bearer jackets!  

Kate Levchenko

Making our beloved Kate's wedding dress was something I had been excited to make since the day I heard about Samuel. Not only do I work with Kate, but she has become a very close friend of mine over the past six years. Her custom wedding gown had to be perfect and exactly what she had in mind. We collaborated as a team to bring her wedding dreams to reality.

Natalie Pipkin

Natalie was very clear about what she wanted and that she was not up for a big Cinderella dress. She wanted something simple, clean, and dramatic, and I was totally up for it. Her dress was actually a bodysuit with two different skirts and a removable cape. I love this look because it was Natalie truly being herself and the result was stunning. 

Amy West

There are some brides that are just infinitely cooler than I am. Amy West has this chill, Stevie Nicks, rocker vibe, and needed a dress to match. Not an easy task to find off the rack.

Amy's custom, rocker chic lace wedding gown fit her like a glove. We sourced her beaded abstract lace from Germany. We wanted a lace that had a bit of an edge and wasn't a traditional floral motif. She ended the night in a webby French lace jumpsuit with a white satin, floor-length coat. Match made in rock star heaven. 

Ashley Seippel

From the beginning sketches to final alterations, the design process was inspiring and so rewarding. Ashley's gorgeous elopement was in huge part a testament to her vision as she was able to have complete creative control, designing a dress that truly reflected her individuality. Seeing the photos from such a beautiful wedding made me wish that I could've been a fly on the wall! 

Valarie Garate

One of the coolest things about Valerie's dress is that we made a big, dramatic train that was completely detachable so she could party after the ceremony. The main part of the gown was corded French lace. It definitely gave me Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina vibes! Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post, I've included some behind the scenes photos of the making of the gown as well!

Michelle Owen

She came in thinking that she wanted to have a sweetheart, strapless top, but happened to spy one of our day dresses with a draped detail at the shoulder. "I want that!" she said, and we were off! Working with Michelle was such a pleasure! She trusted the process, but asked lots of questions along the way, which helped us give her a dress she would love. I'm blown away by the final result and am so glad that we were able to be a part of such an important and beautiful day!

Lashonya Johnson

I don't throw around the word "couture" very often, but working on this dress was truly as close to the couture experience as you can get outside of Paris. I think our team had just as much fun creating this dress as Shon did wearing it. We couldn't be happier to have worked with her and for being trusted to be such an important part of her big day.