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At Home | Design the Life You Love to Live

David Peck At home houston texas holidays

One thing I have learned over the years is that material things do not make you happy long term, but they do add a sense of temporary happiness in a moment. What if I told you that a collection of material things used in a beautifully functional setting could help paint the most perfect picture for new memories to be made. Helping you to create and curate a lifestyle that you love to live is why we do what we do.

David Peck at Home Houston Texas

4 cups love, 3 Tbs creativity, and a dash of imagination are all you need for the ultimate recipe to making great memories. So, unpack your grandmother’s china, wear the dress even if you are at home with 5 guests, give the gift, cook the recipe, create the floral arrangement, use the fancy tablecloth and don’t be afraid to get it dirty, burn the candles that are there for décor, and soak up the moments of laughter, togetherness, chaos, and love. Why miss a great moment in life by overthinking and stressing when you could be enjoying it?

David Peck Home Design Houston Texas

This year I looked at the big picture of what matters. Honestly, ask yourself that. What matters? You will find that most people share similar answers. They will say “family, friends, health, experiences, etc.” When I broke down these concepts it was clear that all we have are our memories. When you leave this earthly plain you cannot take your money, your belongings, your home… so why not LIVE! I no longer wanted to stop “going all out” per se and decided I want every day to be a beautiful YET functional element or addition to my storybook of life.

David Peck Houston Texas Designer

Now, remember you can always justify why or why not you need or want something, but you must also remember that all those elements work together. Jewelry, a dress, a tablecloth, a cup, a bag, shoes, the décor, the furniture…. You get the picture. They all have a special place in this lifestyle you are creating for YOURSELF. That is the key! Do not create for others but do create for yourself.

Enjoy the beautiful memories and moments that you and those around you have so thoughtfully designed. Now get designing!


Table Centerpiece: Heyday Flower Co.


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