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Causes | #KeepCalmShopOn | 5 Ways to Support Local Businesses During CoronaVirus

As you all know, this week has focused on this crazy global crisis. Firstly, I hope that everyone's health, mentally or physically, is doing well after everything that has transpired with CoronaVirus. Secondly, I think it's extremely important during this time that we come together and support our community and those around us. Our local economy is definitely going to take a hit due to these events and I wanted to highlight a few ways that we can all come together to support small businesses. 

1. Send them a referral

If you know of someone looking for something that can be purchased at a small business near you, refer them in! Sending new business to these local gems is honestly one of the most beneficial things year-round, but is even more appreciated during this anxiety-ridden time. 

Fun Fact: over 90% of our new business comes from word of mouth referrals. Think about the impact that can have on a small business. HUGE.

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2. Shout them out on social media and leave a review

A shoutout is simply the cousin to a referral and it's FREE. Letting those who are in the market for making purchases know about local businesses is a great way of spreading the word and supporting the community around you. 

It only takes a minute or two to leave a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp and you can do it from bed. Best tip, be specific if you can so that others know that the review is genuine. 

3. Shop by calling or texting

Most small businesses are available through more personal channels of communication. If you don't want to venture out to browse, these businesses are usually excited to communicate in the quickest and most convenient ways possible. Give your local businesses a call next time you're in need of a gift, outfit, or anything in between. We've had a lot of success with FaceTimeing clients!

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4. Buy a gift certificate for later

If you're looking to simply stimulate the local economy during this time, purchasing a gift certificate from a small business is a great way to go. You may not need something during that immediate moment but could very well shop at these locations later on in the year. 


5. Shop online

If you're not wanting to call local shops and appreciate the ease of online shopping, aim to still shop at smaller companies. In contrast to larger corporations, small businesses don't typically have the same reserve funds that are large enough to weather storms such as these which is why shopping with your local businesses in any capacity plays a huge role in supporting them. 

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 As always, we are thankful for your support year-round and are always grateful for the referrals, sales, and love we are shown. We hope that small businesses across Houston (and the world) are not completely devastated by this lack of economic stimulation during this strange period of time. We will be keeping our clients, friends and followers updated as the situation progresses. Wishing everyone safety and wellbeing. 

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5 ways to support small businesses during Corona virus



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