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Made to Marry | All the (Good) Drama!

I recently got to work with an incredible bride. Shon came in with her wedding planner, Crystal from Jane Deux Events (if you haven't checked out their work, get at it). She brought with her inspirational images from a Jennifer Lopez photo shoot and some bridal gowns that she had seen in magazines. 

After talking with Shon and discussing her needs, we settled on a design, which I sketched out for her. We took measurements and talked about fabrics and the overall feeling of the dress that she wanted.

Wedding gown with ostrich feathers

After Shon left and she had time to look at the sketch, she realized that she wanted to make some changes. Not a problem! I quickly sent her an updated sketch, and we were ready to proceed.

Wedding dress with illusion and ostrich feathers

Shon's dress was truly hand crafted layer by layer. We carefully pieced three different french laces together, hand beaded with Swarovski crystals, and created a cloud of ostrich feathers for a skirt and detachable train.

lace wedding dress in progress

ostrich plumes

Each fitting revealed a new layer of the dress and by the final fittings, it was truly coming together.


custom wedding dress

 As much as we may have loved the dress in the studio, there was no comparison to seeing it in action at The Corinthian in downtown Houston. Crystal and her team completely transformed the venue into a Gatzby inspired wonderland. 

wedding dress final touches

custom wedding dress

The Corinthian, Downtown Houston

 Photo: Pharris Photography

The Corinthian, Downtown Houston

 Photo: Pharris Photography

I don't throw around the word "couture" very often, but working on this dress was truly as close to the couture experience as you can get outside of Paris. I think our team had just as much fun creating this dress as Shon did wearing it. We couldn't be happier to have worked with her and for being trusted to be such an important part of her big day.

custom wedding dress Houston

 Photo: Pharris Photography

Contact md@shopmilesdavid.com or call 281-888-6391 for more information about our custom services. 

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