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What to Watch | Funny Face


If you don't know about our Fashion Film Fest, we host an in-person screening on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the store. Some of you don't live in Houston or cannot come, so I thought I'd bring the films to you each month!

This month's selection in our Fashion Film Festival is one that I've been eagerly anticipating: Funny Face. I'm finding myself transported to the enchanting streets of Paris, where each cobblestone seems to whisper tales of romance -perfect for the month of February.

Funny Face review – 'A brittle charm' | Funny Face | The Guardian

Having called the City of Lights home for nearly half a decade, Funny Face is not only entertaining, but reminds me how much I missed my first place that felt like home as an adult. 

Funny Face (1957) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

Paris is as much a character in the film as Audrey and Fred. The famous scene of Audrey with the winged Venus could have only happened in Paris at the Louvre.

Funny Face 1956, directed by Stanley Donen | Film review

The most incredible thing about living in Paris is how many of the iconic landmarks and works of art that we see on screen or in textbooks because interwoven into everyday life. You can't help but feel inspired to be a part of the city's magic and charm. 

Pin by THUGS DISCO on TELEVISION | STAGE | FILM | Audrey hepburn funny face,  Funny faces, Audrey hepburn

Speaking of allure, Audrey Hepburn has had an undeniable impact on my design sensibilities. Her breakout (and Oscar winning) portrayal in "Roman Holiday" marked the inception of my love affair with her and a young kid (I must have been 7 or 8 when I first saw it). It wasn't until I was much older that I saw her grace the screen in Funny Facethatthe connection deepened.

Funny Face--ReMade in 1957 | Preserve Old Broadway

I didn't fully understand the cinematic tango of Paris, fashion, and art when I first saw it, but later, when I began studying fashion and then living in Paris, the movie became that much richer and more meaningful. 

Which Real Life Fashion Icons Inspired 'Funny Face'? | by Outtake | Outtake  | Medium

The debonair Fred Astaire, gracefully "danced" through his scenes. Word on the stylish streets is that his character drew inspiration from none other than the iconic Richard Avedon, injecting the film with a dose of midcentury Vogue panache. Avedon's photographic wizardry is seamlessly interwoven into the film's fabric and helps to give the film a realism that it might not otherwise have. 

Movie ScreenShots: Funny Face (1957) | Funny faces, Audrey hepburn funny  face, Audrey hepburn

So, whether you're joining us in person or indulging in a solo screening at home, let's embark on an evening immersed in the laughter, love, and Parisian whimsy that Funny Face promises. Raise a glass to this cinematic gem, its homage to 1950s Vogue elegance, and the enduring memories of a place I'll forever call home.

Funny Face (1957) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

The stage is set, the lights are dimming – let the celebration of style and sophistication begin!

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