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Shala Robe | PJ Harlow

You wake up on a Sunday morning from a nice slumber, go to your closet and get a feel of your robes to pick one that feels just right. You settle on this PJ Harlow Shala Robe. You go to the kitchen and take a sip of that morning coffee that will give you the energy needed to get the day started.

The PJ Harlow Shala Robe is made from cotton, and spandex and has satin trim that matches the satin tie. It is comfortable and loose making you feel relaxed and at peace. The robe is perfect for yourself or for someone that deserves a break from their everyday routine. Make them or yourself feel luxurious with this high-quality PJ Harlow Robe!

Buy now and make the most out of your mornings and evenings! Wear your PJ Harlow Shala Robe, put on a movie, get some snacks, and enjoy.