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A Modern Guide To Human Design | Rachel Lieberman

Wouldn’t it be great if we were handed an instruction manual, not only for ourselves but the people we love? Our Human Design chart is this blueprint for navigating life as our true selves, releasing outside pressures and beliefs, and allowing our innate magic to shine.

The world teaches us that the truth comes from outside of us―family, friends, experts, institutions―and that we make our best decisions with logic. Human design proposes a new reality: We each have a built-in navigation system. We are each wired for our own unique purpose!

Have you realized that things go smoothly when you trust your gut? You might be a Generator. Do you need to “sleep on it” when making a big decision? You might have Emotional Authority. Has anyone ever told you that you give the best advice? You could be a Projector. Do you bristle when others tell you what to do because you know you’re here to impact the world by doing things your way? You may have a Manifestor aura. Have you always just felt more sensitive and different than everyone around you? You might be part of the 1% as a rare Reflector.

The best thing about human design is that it recognizes something we all know but often forget: We are all different. Our human design chart is the tangible blueprint for moving away from living the life that society expects of us and stepping into our special gifts and magic. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an instruction manual explaining how to have the best relationship with your child, partner, friends, or coworkers? This guide empowers us to allow everyone, including ourselves, to be who they are truly meant to be.

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