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Mahjong Tiles | Shangri-La | Oh My Mahjong

Get ready to up your game and unleash the Mahjong maestro within you. These tiles aren't just for any old Mahjong variant – they're the chameleons of the Mahjong world, ready to adapt to your every whim.

American Mahjong? Check!

1st American Mahjong- Babcock and Foster? Check and check!

Hong Kong, Chinese, and Riichi Mahjong? You betcha, checkmate!

Individual Tiles Size: .87” Wide x .75” Deep x 1.25” Tall

Set includes: 164 Acrylic Tiles 1-9 Bams, Cracks and Dots (4 of each) = 108 N E W S (4 of each) = 16 Red, Green and White Dragon (4 of each) = 12 Flowers = 8, 1-4 in blue and 1-4 in pink Jokers = 10 Blanks = 6 Red 5's = 2 red 5 dots, 1 red 5 crak, 1 red 5 bam (used in Riichi Mahjong)

4 instructional cards to guide you through the game.