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Beaded Crystal Bracelets | Sapphire & Sage

Do you love it when your accessories have a deeper meaning to them? Look no further than these beaded crystal bracelets from Sapphire & Sage! Each beaded bracelet has a different meaning to it, so you can choose to see which bracelet matches your energy today! Great for any outfit to mix and match and for fun events like Mardi Gras!

AmethystSpirituality & Purification
AquamarineCourage & Calming
Blue ApatiteClarity & Guidance
Green AventurineCourage & Confidence
LabradoriteStrength & Intuition
MalachiteInsomnia & Focus
Rainforest JasperConnecting With Nature

Red Aventurine Motivation & Dispels Negativity

Rose QuartzSelf-Love & Compassion

Each bead size is 6mm, and the bracelet size is 7 inches and stretchy!