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Natural Stone Gua Sha | Sapphire & Sage

Green Aventurine symbolizes strength, confidence, courage, happiness, growth, and adventure. It helps us push forward in life to obtain our goals and what we want in the world by pushing out of our comfort zone to take on new opportunities we wouldn’t get by being complacent.

Rose Quartz symbolizes love. It is the crystal of unconditional love and helps boost feelings of self-love, as well as develop and maintain loving and healthy relationships with others.

Your face will thank you as you use this Gua Sha to treat it. These Gua Sha are proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and has also helped in reducing sinus pressure. Match your Gua Sha with the color of your choice, and you have the perfect self-care item. To enjoy the best results with the Gua Sha, you should use it once a day.

Size: 3 Inches