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Sauvage Meadow Acrylic Candy Tray | Nicolette Mayer

The hottest tabletop designs from Nicolette Mayer include the Candy Bowl. Made with the finest grade of solid 2” thick acrylic, these bowls are available in many patterns and colors and are a great way to add sophisticated fun and color to your home. These have become one of Nicolette Mayer's most popular items since its launch earlier this year because they make adding fun color to your home so easy and versatile.

In addition to using the Nicolette Mayer Candy Bowl to serve candy in, you can also use them to display beautiful flowers. Just bunch and tie together mini bouquets of flowers, add water to the bowl and let them float in or rest on the rim of the bowl.

The material is easy to care for; simply wipe it down before storing it. Allow to Dry.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth, or Vinyl Window Cleaner like Zep®. Do not use a regular Window Cleaner to remove any scratches or the Acrylic will get hazy. Zep is best!

It is important that you take proper care of your piece to ensure that it will last a long time without being damaged. It is recommended that you use a suede-style chamois polishing cloth and/or a non-abrasive paper towel along with a cleaning fluid stating that it is suitable for use on acrylic.

Do not place your piece on rough or uneven surfaces that can scrape the bottom. If you purchased a printed piece, the bottom of the bowl is sealed with a sealant, but it is not impenetrable and can be scratched. If a rubber bumper should come off, they can be replaced with similar new ones found at most hardware stores.

Please note that using any products containing ammonia, acetone or lactic acid will permanently damage the acrylic. Periodically, you can polish your acrylic piece to remove fine scratches and bring back the acrylic to its original glossy shine. We recommend using Novus Acrylic polishes and cleaners. You can find this product online or at selected retail stores.

All acrylic pieces are not suitable for dishwashers or for use with very hot foods and liquids and should be used in conjunction with the proper serving ware that will not scratch the surface.

Nicolette Mayer acrylics s are not suitable to be left outdoors or for long periods of direct sunlight and should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment where high and low temperatures do not go below 60℉ or above 90℉

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