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ask david. The Joy Hour with Joy Sewing, Onyii Brown, and David Peck talking about small business, coronavirus masks, and Black Lives Matter. joy sewing on a grey background with pink blobs

When my friend and journalist Joy Sewing called and asked if I would be a guest on her new Zoom series, I was thrilled. I love talking to fellow designers and entrepreneurs about what is going on in their worlds and what is working for them. 

On Thursday evening. I sat down (virtually) with Joy and entrepreneur Onyii Brown of Onyii & Co. to talk about all things Coronavirus, mask making, small business, and how designers are responding to Black Lives Matter. 

I loved our conversation and I think you will too! 


If you want to catch more of these conversations, you can watch live on Zoom every Thursday evening!

The Joy Hour on Zoom with Houston Chronicle Reporter Joy Sewing.




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