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Craving Custom | 3 Things You MUST Know About Custom Wedding Gowns

Finding THE dress for your special day is something over which many brides lose countless hours of sleep. Brides are left wondering if their gown is the right shade, cut, color, and fit because of the limitations placed on them when selecting an off-the-rack gown. Going to the bridal store sometimes seems like venturing into a massive black hole of possibilities, and none of them are quite right. The option to shop for wedding dresses online seems borderline impossible as well. That's where custom comes into play. There are several advantages to creating the gown of your dreams for one of the most memorable days of your life. Here are some benefits and tips to ordering custom from well over a decade of doing this!

There are no limits to your vision

One of the more obvious reasons to getting a custom gown is that entire design is made to look, fit and feel exactly how you want it to. The days of dreaming of the perfect gown are over, combining features from multiple gowns that you originally had your eye on is simple when creating your personal gown. What could be more rewarding than working with a designer near you to help create exactly what you envisioned. The first step to getting your dream wedding gown is to work with someone you trust and feel comfortable around. I recommend doing as much research as possible on the designer’s previous work and reading reviews about others experiences in order to ensure your experience is the best that it can possibly be.

Nothing fits like something that’s made for you, and only you

When clothing is tailored specifically to you, there’s simply nothing that can compare. The immediate confidence boost a custom piece gives is a feeling that can rarely be recreated by an off-the-rack gown. I recommend working with the designer to find a fit that compliments your body’s shape the best and getting the dress made to fit you at your current size so there’s no additional pressure to later squeeze into a “goal” sized gown. Many brides experience changes in their bodies before their weddings, and that’s where you can really see the benefits of a custom piece. Not only is it fitted to your silhouette, but the ability to adjust the gown as needed is effortless when dealing with a custom clothier. Last minute additions, alterations and all around customer service are key driving forces that have made buying custom such a desirable experience in the eyes of many brides.

“Who wore it better”  won’t even be a possibility

Designing a custom gown means that it’s only for you! No one else will ever have that exact gown for their special day, making it one of kind, just like you! Other important members of the wedding party, such as mother of the bride/groom, deserve this unique experience as well. Book an appointment to customize their gowns to their liking as well, after all we do owe it to our mamas! Make sure to work with a designer with plenty of time ahead of the wedding. This is one of the most important steps in order to ensure that your design is made exactly how you want it and that there are no mishaps in the final stretch of your wedding journey.
Most Importantly, do what makes you the happiest, most comfortable and confident version of yourself; after all, it's your special day. If you know any lovely bride-to-be's considering a customer wedding dress in Houston, or elsewhere, let them know that they should give in to their custom cravings by sharing this post!
David Peck

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