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Craving Custom | Bone Bash 2018 with Ashley Nicole Style

One of the best things about working closely with our clients is that we get to work on super fun projects with them outside of the norm. One of the recent was with Ashley of Ashley Nicole Style. Ashley has been a great friend and client for several years (we have some other super exciting projects in the works, so stay tuned!), and she is incredibly involved in the Arthritis Foundation.
We've helped support the Arthritis Foundation in the past, but this year was super special because Ashely chaired the event! When she asked us to help her with her costume, I was THRILLED! I'm working on a separate post about the costume and the headpiece for you, but I wanted to give you Ashley's take on the evening.
Arthritis is a terrible disease and Ashely has been diagnosed with it twice. Once as a child and now as an adult. Here's her take on the cause and the evening. 
Be sure to follow her on Instagram if you don't already! 

I don't even know where to begin!! The 2018 Bone Bash was an absolute hit (and that's putting it mildly). Celebrating it's sixth year, the annual Halloween themed gala benefiting the Arthritis Foundation broke all records by welcoming over 500 guests, and making $340,000!! I cannot tell you how truly humbled and proud I am to be part of this organization, and what an honor to Chair this year's event.  

The theme was "Around the World," and everyone showed up in their costumed bests. From crazy tourists, to lederhosen, geisha's, saris, Cleopatra, Medusa and more, their was a little bit of ethnic flair from everywhere.  
When we started planning the gala nearly nine months ago, I could not wait to explore my options. If you've followed Ashley Nicole Style for a while, you know I love Halloween and even more, I love to go all out. The pressure is real to do it bigger and better every year. This year I knew I wanted something over the top, but I also wanted part of the "costume" to be practical to wear in the future. I quickly turned to my friend and designer extraordinaire David Peck, of Miles David to help me come up with a custom piece that would be showstopping. 
He immediately thought we should play up the theme and have me go as "Around the World in 80 Days." The fabric we chose for the dress is covered in passport stamps, which is proof of any world traveler. The balloon headpiece floated high in the sky, and even had it's own flame (aka light) which I wish you could see better in these pictures. Due to the fact that the dress was formal, yet sexy, I wanted to make it a bit more fun by adding sequin hot pants. David found this great multi-color fabric which tied in with all of the passport stamps, and even adorned my headpiece with some matching strands of the fabric. 

The night was surely one to remember. For everyone wondering how long I left me hefty headpiece on for, the answer is all night! It certainly helped my posture as I had to stand straight and needed to fully turn to talk to anyone! Not to mention I couldn't look down, so I had to drink my champs out of a straw and Adam had to cut my food for me (I fed myself though for the record)! ;)
I have been involved with the Foundation for nearly a decade, and since moving to Houston five years ago, I've part of the Bone Bash. I was previously the Youth Honoree and Co-Chair of this event, and I cannot tell you how excited I get every year to begin planning.When we started planning, I never imaged our event would have such an incredible turnout and raise so much money. We also created a lot of buzz and received coverage in several blogs, magazines, and news outlets. If any of you have ever Chaired and event before, or been a part of a committee, you know how many countless hours go into planning the event. From soliciting donors, to selling tables, organizing the silent auction, props, seating charts, decor, and so on, it's a labor of love. 
Most of the committee members, including myself, are affected from arthritis in some way. I suffered from arthritis as a child before going into remission at the age of 12, and was rediagnosed as an adult in 2013. Having a relationship with something so personal is what makes us all incredibly passionate about furthering the success and the mission of the foundation. We continue to pray that one day we'll find a cure. 

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