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Creating Opportunities | The CStyle : All the Ways

It's official. The CStyle is a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who preordered. We can't wait to see how you wear it!

On that note, Carly of wrote a great post about just that. So, without further ado... here ya go!



Miles David ‘CStyle’ DressMiles David Faux Fur Jacket

I rarely go to black tie events, but this year, I have two within 4 days of each other (weird, right?). One is a charity gala hosted by one of my husband’s clients, and one is a black tie wedding. So, of course, I started to look at all the usual places- Saks, Shopbop, Rent The Runway, Revolve, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. Anyway, I looked at a TON of dresses. I started to go cross-eyed  looking at all the dresses (seriously, I’m going to the doctor for it next week-ha!). Well, I didn’t find a single dress I could get excited about! Not a single one (well, ok, I found an amazing Marchesa dress, but it was 7K -ha!).

That’s when I had this idea! I just wanted a simple gown I could wear statement earrings with (I was trying to find an excuse to buy these amazing earrings). This way, in my mind, I could wear the dress again and again with different jewelry, and I wouldn’t have to go on a black tie dress hunt every time I got invited to an event. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like shopping for a pretty dress. But sometimes life gets busy, my husband tells me the week of, or life happens and I just don’t have the time/energy to shop.) But, I couldn’t find a simple black gown, and that’s when I had my MAJOR lightbulb moment. DAVID PECK!!! David Peck could design an amazing dress! So I called David and pitched my idea, and he said YES! I about flipped!

I see this dress as a staple in my wardrobe. The CPW (cost per wear) will be minimal for me at the end!

I’ll show all the different ways I plan to wear it:

I’ll wear it with faux fur (check out the top picture). How phenomenal does that faux fur jacket look with the dress? It looks fun and super chic, too! No one will have that look on, for sure!

You could also wear it with a faux fur vest.

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress, Miles David Faux Fur Vest

Styled with fur, it’s perfect for a gala or wedding during the cold winter months! You don’t have to find a coat to wear with your dress, just wear it on top and make it part of the look!

I plan to wear it casually, too! I love a western, chic look, and this is at the top of my list. I’ll knot it in the front and pin the knot up so you can see my boots!

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress

Styled this way, I could wear it to ANY rodeo event, or really any event that calls for a ‘Western’ look. Heck, I’d even wear it to a fun dinner at the Round Top Antique Fair!

I’ve had this Ralph Lauren belt from TJ Maxx for years. If you ask me, it looks like it was made for this dress and gives it a whole new life!

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress

Styled this way, it would be perfect for a more sophisticated event. Heck, even to a Christmas cocktail party or a wedding!

I really wanted the capability to wear the dress backwards, and David said we could do it! I love the keyhole design. Throw some statement earrings on, and boom! Another look!

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress, Rebecca De Ravenel earrings

The dress styled this way can go anywhere… anywhere!

Or you can put on a white oxford under it and layer up your statement necklaces.

Need a dress but it’s not exactly black tie? Well, tuck the fabric inside to make a v…

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress, Miles David Collar Necklace

…and throw on a poncho!

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress,  Miles David Coverup

Or, open up the v and put on a faux fur stole

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress, Miles David Stole

It doesn’t even look like the same dress! Can we just take a second and talk about how fabulous this faux fur stole would look with so many things?!

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress, Miles David Stole

Ooooo, it kinda looks like my sister is wearing a thick belt in the picture above. Well, there’s another way to change it up!

And you know how sometimes events are themed? I’m not going to lie, those get me everytime. Well, not anymore! I could see wearing it like this to a Zoo gala…

Miles David ‘CStyle’ Dress

I mean, it makes me giddy how many ways I (we) can wear this dress!

The quality can’t be beat and my CPW (cost per wear) will be dollars in the end. This is a dress I plan to wear until I’m 80 years old (I don’t know why I said 80 -ha!). This is one of those dresses that won’t go out of style because it has nothing on it that dates it (that was on purpose!). And you know what? I’m going to be excited to style it every time!

For sizing reference, I’m wearing an xs.

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