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Creating Opportunities | Talk to Me, Harry Winston!

Mondays should always feel like this:

But when they don't, a little Harry Winston never hurt.

I was super excited when my my friend Tamara (you may know her from all the over-the-top/amazing fashion shows she produces around town) asked if I had any pale gowns that she might use in a private luncheon for Harry Winston. I was like, "Tell me all about it." (see reference in song lyrics above...)

Any who, who knew that Tamara would take our gowns and "accessorize" them with the most incredible flower crown on steroids head pieces on our model friends Alyssa and Gabriella dripping in diamonds.


Harry Winston, image PaperCity

For the full story, head on over to Shelby Hodge's story on PaperCity.

Richard Flowers Decor, PaperCity Mag

How about that decor by Richard Flowers and The Events Company?!?!?!

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but for everything else, there's Miles David.


Images courtesy of PaperCity.


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