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David's Top 9 | Get Ahead

A-B-C, it's easy as 1-2-3...Every month I round up 9 of my favorite products to share with you! 

Why "9" you ask? Well,...

  • Number 9 is the number of magic.
  • Nine is a sacred number.
  • Nine is the number of completion and fulfillment.
  • Nine is a symbol of wisdom and good leadership.

It's never too late to start "Designing the life you love to live." So, without further ado, let me introduce my top 9 favorites this month. 

Drum Roll, please.......

It's time to get ahead. I mean, a HAT on your head!

Hats are having a moment and not just because it's Easter and the Kentucky Derby is in a month! 

The perfect outfit sometimes needs a good accessory, so why not start with a hat. Hat's can be a great way to stylishly protect your skin from the sun as the weather gets warmer. 


All About the Easter Bonnet:

The Easter bonnet originated in Europe. Spring and Easter signal new life and rebirth, so people would symbolically wear a new outfit to celebrate! 

The first bonnets were circles of leaves and flowers to show the cycle of the seasons. Easter liturgy had people attending church a few days in a row, and what better time to show off the latest fashions. 

After the U.S. Civil War, the tradition caught on in the United States. The first Easter after the war ended was known as the "Sunday of Joy." Mothers, wives, and daughters came out of mourning and replaced their dark clothing with outfits full of pastel colors and spring flowers to signal a renewal of life. 

Easter Bonnets of the Late 19th Century | Author Mimi Matthews

The History of the Easter Bonnet - The Eternal Headonist

Fun Fact: The Easter bonnet was brought into American pop culture by the Irving Berlin song in 1933.


All About the Kentucky Derby Hat:

Fashion has always been an essential part of the Kentucky Derby. After traveling to the famed Derby races in England and the Grand Prix de Paris in France in 1872, Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. (grandson of explorer and Missouri governor, General William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) decided to establish a similar high-profile horse race in America. He raised money for a racetrack outside Louisville, Ky., and held the first Kentucky Derby in 1875.

Though races were super popular for well-to-do British and French society, American women would have stayed away from horse racing because of the gambling and drinking that went along with it. Quelle horreur.

The new race couldn't appear seedy. That wouldn't do. So, Clark and his wife enlisted Louisville's ladies to attend the races to picnic with friends. They knew that part of creating allure for the event would be positioning it as a fashion event — so the dress code required "full morning dress" for men and women from the start. Never doubt the power of good marketing. 

Here's The History Behind Those Fancy Kentucky Derby Hats

Picnicking women wore hats to keep their faces out of the sun, and though the attire has evolved somewhat throughout the decades, hats remained a constant. In the 1960s, hats became less fashionable in everyday life, but the Kentucky Derby was a perfect excuse to wear something extreme. The rise of television gave women an even bigger reason to stand out with bigger brims and bolder hues. Going BIG became a way to gain attention and admiration.

Kentucky Derby 101: What To Wear, When to Wear It, and All About Hats! :  The House of MacGregor


In order from Left to Right

1. Brixton Women's Joanna Straw Sun Hat: This fun straw sun hat with black ribbon detail is perfect for the beach or paired back to a sundress and sandals. An affordable hat that won't break the bank and will go with everything you pack for your next vacation.



2. Sierra Rose Pink Wool Boater Hat: The Lack of Color Sierra Rose Pink Wool Boater Hat is so picture-perfect, that it's perfect for any 'gram lover! Soft, genuine wool shapes a sturdy design and boater silhouette with a high crown, a smooth flat top, and a wide brim. A vintage ribbon (with a gold, white, and pink pattern) accents the band for a sweet finish! Internal grosgrain ribbon and satin lining.



3. Sunshine Frayed Bucket Hat:Bucket hats are the latest trend but this fun floral pattern in bold but soft colors is the perfect spring and summer accessories. Style it back to jeans and our white Stevie T-Shirt or throw it on with a solid colored dress to add a little interest.



4. Eugenia Kim Loulou Hat:Are you ready for Easter, Kentucky Derby or church? This is the perfect hat for you if you are not a huge hat person and want something to be simple yet beautiful. The neutral hat with the coral, red, and pink ribbon is such a great accent for any lady like outfit.



5. Jennifer Behr Mallorie Pearled Bucket Hat in Black: How perfectly precious is this hat? This is for the modern day Audrey Hepburn, lady like but fun. The pearl details are so sweet and would make such a great addition to any simple casual outfit. I know you are probably thinking that bucket hats are so 90's but they are really making a comeback.



6. Phillip Treacy Purple Orchid Hat:This man is a hat genius so it is no exception that even his simplest and finest hats would have interest. What a perfect way to stand out without the size of a large brim hat. Since April showers bring May flowers, it's only fitting that we would include a beautiful fascinator embellished with orchids.



7. Mirabel Straw Hat: Again with a straw hat...but due to the interesting shape it had to make our list. The bright yellow ribbon felt so very spring but the bell shape just felt so elegant and different. I also feel this one would serve the best function if you were out on a sunny day.



8. Wave Straw and Sinamay Hat: We had to include a black and white version of a beautiful hat for all of those out there scarred of color in their wardrobe. I figured if you are going to go the black and white route than at least have an architectural staple. This hat may seem understated but it is sure to pack a strong punch.



9. Philip Treacy Hand-Blocked Satin Beret:Since the Kentucky Derby was inspired by the french a beret seemed very fitting. This modern take on a beret in a bold color will add an amazing wow factor to the garment you choose to wear. It may be the most expensive on our list but it is an investment piece that will live in your closet and never go out of style.







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