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Holiday | Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This month marks two years since we launched Miles David and I couldn’t be more grateful for where we are. Are things perfect? Did we have smooth sailing all year? No, but I recognize that every day I get to do a job that I love to do. I get to interact with the most extraordinary people and I get to help support the causes that make me smile.
It’s easy in the hubbub of the season to forget accomplishments or gloss over the struggles. One of my goals since Harvey has been to take time each day to stop and be still so that I can appreciate the good (and the not so good) of doing what I love. Taking those 5 minutes each day has made me even more aware of how grateful I am to be surrounded and supported by an incredible team of people here at the studio. The learning curve over the last two years has at times been steep, but I can honestly say that the quality and level of work we are doing now is some of the best in my career. While I wouldn’t call it stress-free, there are fewer moments of blind panic. That’s an accomplishment! So here’s a shout-out to Carlsbad, Diep, Kate, Thoa, and all the others with whom I work that make it happen.
To all of our clients and friends who have made my work this year truly fulfilling, thank you. I feel like my biggest takeaway from this year is getting to know each of you better, learning to respond to your needs, and in return, feeling appreciated for bringing to you what we do that is truly unique. We wouldn’t be here without the incredible clients who not only recommend their friends to us, but take the time to come with them to make the introduction. Your support is what helps make small businesses like ours survive and thrive.
2017 was a roller coaster for almost everyone I know. Small businesses struggled to stay alive in the wake of Harvey and other disasters, but what has come out of that struggle, at least for me, is a renewed appreciation that “We’re All in This Together.” (Don’t mind the High School Musical reference if you don’t have kids…)

May 2018 bring you and those you love closer together. I am looking forward this spring to working even closer and co-chairing events with TUTS (Theatre Under The Stars) and Judy’s Mission. These two organizations speak to me in very personal ways, and I’m excited for the chance to share my love for them and what they do with you even more in the coming year. We also have some spectacular gowns making appearances at some of the grandest events and weddings in town that I can’t wait to share.
Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays from all of us here at Miles David!

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