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Leo the Lion is Here, and It's Time to Shine! 🦁

Leo season is here and ready for its closeup. Who are we kidding? Leos are always ready for their closeup!

Sandra Bullock Leo zodiac quote

According to Chani Nicholas, one of our favorite astrologers (BTW, her app is the BEST. I'm not saying that I live by it, but I'm not saying that I don't):

Bigger is better during Leo season. So sport oversized sunglasses to the grocery store. Untame your mane. And eye-roll aggressively at anything that mutes your shine.

Famous stylish Leos include non-other than Lucille Ball, Jennifer Lopez, Shawn Mendes, and Whitney Houston among many others! 

Famous fashionable Leos include Lucille Ball, Jennifer Lopez, Shawn Mendes, and Whitney Houston

Leo's fashion roars with confidence and charisma, embracing bold and regal elements fit for a lion-hearted ruler. Their style exudes grandeur through luxurious fabrics, vibrant colors, and statement pieces that demand attention. With a flair for the dramatic and an innate sense of self-expression, Leos effortlessly command the fashion stage with their fierce and flamboyant looks.

Want to get more Leo in your style?

Here are a few tips:

  • Embrace the Lion's Pride:Choose clothing that empowers you to feel like the majestic ruler you are! Opt for bold prints, fierce animal motifs, and accessories that roar with confidence, making a statement wherever you go.(We have so many!)
  • Flaunt your mane:Just like a lion's magnificent mane, let your hair be a focal point of your style. Experiment with bold hairstyles or use accessories like headbands and clips to accentuate your untamed and fierce personality.(Have you checked out Fenna & Fei?!)
  • Rule with statement pieces:Command attention with statement jewelry or accessories fit for a regal ruler. Bold, chunky necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and dazzling cuffs will help you leave a lasting impression wherever you go.(Rush Jewelry and Céleste Mogador are perfect for this!)
  • Own the power suit:Channel your leadership traits by donning a powerful pantsuit or a tailored blazer. Remember, a Leo's fashion is all about showcasing strength and authority while looking effortlessly chic.(Time to schedule a design consult for your perfect tweed suit from the same textile miIls that supply Chanel!)

Leo Season is here with bold animal prints Photographer: Cody Bess, Jewels: Van Cleef and Arpels, Models: Page Parkes

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