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Red Carpet Rundown | Oscars Red Carpet 2019

If you guys follow my Insta-stories, you’ll know that there was an overwhelming request for an Oscars Red Carpet recap. By this time, you’ve probably already seen and heard a lot about the evening, so I’m going to try something a little different. Instead of saying who was best and worst dressed (which, by the way, I have a really hard time with saying worst dressed. Can’t we just focus on the positive and not drag people down all the time?), I want to focus on how you can translate some of the ideas that were shown in real life. The Oscars are a great show of fashion, but it’s not always easy to see how you can make that your next mother of the bride dress or gala gown.


 Brie Larson Oscars Red Carpet

Brie Larson, Oscars Red Carpet

What works for me about this look is not how exciting the dress is on its own, but how her styling combined with the dress makes something greater than the sum of its parts. Her hair is a little rock and roll, and the dress is just a great, simple backdrop. This would be a great look for a gala that’s formal, but not super stuffy.


 Constance Wu Oscars Red Carpet

Constance Wu, Oscars Red Carpet

What makes this dress is the color. The dress itself isn’t super complicated, and it’s a style that would work on many body types. I know a lot of you feel like you can’t wear yellow (you’re probably not finding the right shade, BTW), but you could easily do a dress like this in another vibrant color that pops. It’s simplicity combined with the bold color that makes this look stand out in a crowd.


 Danai Gurira Oscars Red Carpet

Danai Gurira, Oscars Red Carpet

This look is perfection. I love the dress on its own, but I especially love how the look is styled. It could easily go into traditional princess territory. It doesn’t because she’s kept her hair simple but interesting and kept the accessories graphic, unique, and uncomplicated.


 Emma Stone Oscars Red Carpet

Emma Stone, Oscars Red Carpet

As you know if you read last week’s post, Emma is a constant style favorite. Her choices are always unusual, but always seem completely like her. She almost always chooses interesting over pretty. Again, the styling here is what really makes the look. Her hair is sleek but also matches the dress. It’s not adding another element. The beading and color is unusual, but not visually complicated. This could easily fit into many formal situations because the silhouette focuses on one strong element like the shoulders to bring a little drama.


 Jennifer Lopez Oscars Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez, Oscars Red Carpet

How can you not bow down to this? Sleek, simple, and unmistakable. This is the power of a good textile. The silhouette is not complicated, but it’s made impactful because the beading is super special and unexpected. She also didn’t over complicate the styling. She let the look speak for itself.


 Jennifer Lopez Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Jennifer Lopez (part 2), Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

This is a great example of how styling can completely change your look. Her hair is softer and brings more attention to her face, balancing out a more complicated design. Even though the design has a lot going on, it still showcases her shape and the color pops on her.


 Letitia Wright Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Letitia Wright, Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

I’m a sucker for an unusual color combo and I happen to LOVE yellow and pink together. This is a case of the right dress on the right person. It’s not going to work on everyone, but if you are someone who can pull off something like this… DO IT!


 Allison Janney Oscars Red Carpet

Allison Janney, Oscars Red Carpet

If all else fails, go with a tuxedo inspired look. It will never go out of style and is uncomplicated and always chic.


Charlize Theron Oscars Red Carpet

Charlize Theron, Oscars Red Carpet

Let’s be honest, Charlize would look good in a black plastic garbage bag, but what she really gets right here is styling and contrast. The graphic dark bob is the perfect modern foil for the austerity of the gown. This is the ultimate jewelry dress, so if you have a couple million worth of jewels lying around, now would be the time to pile it on.


Lucy Boynton Oscars Red Carpet

Lucy Boynton, Oscars Red Carpet

She knows who she is and her style leading up to the Oscars has been so unique and on point. This is the type of dress that sings on her because of the how it’s styled. There’s a gothic quality that’s super rich. If you don’t have that hair, get a good lace front wig. ;)


Tine Fey Oscars Red Carpet

Tina Fey, Oscars Red Carpet

Again, not a super complicated look, but she’s got a good blowout and the perfect accessories to go with her boldly colored gown. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to look good. Just make sure your dress fits well!


Gemma Chan Oscars Red Carpet

Gemma Chan, Oscars Red carpet

I LOVE this look. Not only is she gorgeous, but she could also eat a whole pizza and still be comfortable. Wearing something this dramatic takes confidence and it may not be for everyone, but boy, is it good. Also, may I remind you bold color + simple (but dramatic) shape is a winning combo.


Helen Mirren Oscars Red Carpet

Helen Mirren, Oscars Red Carpet

Here is where color makes the biggest difference in the world. Put this dress in any basic color and it would be fine, pretty even. But in these multi-layered shades of pink, the dress takes on a whole new personality and life. It’s giving me life.


Kacey Musgraves Oscars Red Carpet

Kacey Musgraves, Oscars Red Carpet

She can almost do no wrong in my eyes. If you don’t have her latest album on repeat, we can’t be friends. This look is not for everyone, but it is for her and she looks incredible. It’s borderline country Barbie, but in the best possible way. LOVE it.


Marie Kondo Oscars Red Carpet

Marie Kondo, Oscars Red Carpet

She just sparks joy, so how could I not include her? Also, this is a great example of how to keep your arms covered (I know you ladies seem to think your arms are the most heinous things out there) but not feel matronly or too prudish.


 Regina King Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Regina King, Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

I thought her ceremony gown was lovely and the right choice for the occasion, since it’s timeless and she was bound to be photographed a lot, but this gown has so much personality and COMFORT. Let’s face it, weddings and galas can seem to go on for EVER. You need to just feel comfortable sometimes. The color, the shape, the details. Stunning. And you bet she had a good time in it too. I would, if I had just won an Oscar…

 Michelle Yeah Oscars

Michelle Yeoh, Oscars Red Carpet

Michelle Yeoh always brings her A-game, and the jewelry... This gown would have felt super heavy had the embroidery not faded out as is has. The effect is regal and light. Who wouldn't want to feel that way?!

This list is by NO means exhaustive, and I've left out some looks that I loved, but I thought these represented styles that were real world appropriate and made sense for our clients.

Let me know what you think! Who are your favorites? 

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