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Red Carpet Rundown | Take a Bow

I can’t believe it’s already time for the Oscars! It seems like award season just started and now it’s time for the big one tomorrow! I can’t wait to see who attends and what they choose to wear. I’ve definitely noticed a few strong trends this season and it will be interesting to see if they continue to the Oscar Red Carpet.

One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed is the prevalence of BOWS on everything. Big bows, small bows, half bows… you name it. Every time I see one I want to sing, “I like big bows and I cannot lie…” I’m a nerd.

Bows may be trending now, but used in the right way, they can be incredibly timeless and fun to incorporate into a formal look. In fact, we are working on several custom gowns for clients that incorporate bows. We started work on many of these gowns before award season started, so there’s something in the air and timeless about a bow detail. The great thing about many of these ideas is that the bows can be made as a separate item and detached if you ever want to switch up the look! It’s super easy!


Emma Stone SAG Awards Bow trends by David Peck

Emma Stone, SAG Awards

 Aside from the fact that Emma Stone might be one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood right now (have you SEEN La La Land or The Favorite? I rest my case), she also has an incredible knack for looking classic and forward at the same time. This works so well because of the asymmetry of the top combined with a classic, wide leg trouser. A standout look for sure.


 Sophia Bush SAG Awards Bow Trend by David Peck

Sophia Bush, SAG Awards

I love this deconstructed bow look. It’s not fussy and ads a bit of architecture to an otherwise simple dress. You could easily translate this look into a cocktail or black tie look by adjusting the length of the skirt.


 Gemma Chan SAG Awards Bow Trend by David Peck

Gemma Chan, SAG Awards

 Speaking of favorite people on the silver screen… I’m eagerly awaiting Gemma’s next film, not only because she’s a great acress, but because her red carpet style is totally on point. Notice the small bow like detail at the shoulder.

 Allison Brie SAG Awards Red Carpet Bow Trend by David Peck

Alison Brie, SAG Awards Red Carpet

This scale of a bow might not be right for a mere mortals , but you can’t deny the impact of this bow like cape. The thing to remember is scale. The rest of her dress is super simple in comparison. In real life, I might translate this as a coat that could easily removed for ease of wear.

 Charlise Theron Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Bow Trend by David Peck

Charlize Theron, Golden Globe Awards

 Charlize rarely gets it wrong and this look is no exception. The bow here acts as a textural detail that takes a relatively simple top somewhere much more interesting and exciting.

 Kaley Cuoco Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Bow Trend by David Peck

Kaley Cuoco, Golden Globes

This is a very traditional but effective deployment of a bow. The great thing about this is it’s an idea that can easily be added to an existing style and removed when you’re tired of it.

 Sophia Carson Golden Globes Red Carpet Bow trend by David Peck

Sofia Carson, Golden Globes

 Again, a super simple way to deploy a bow in a way that doesn’t feel fussy or overwhelming.

 Amy Adams Red Carpet Bow Trend by David Peck

Amy Adams, VICE Premier

Small bow, but a bow!

Constance Wu Critics Choice Awards 

Constance Wu, Critics Choice Awards

 Shoulder bow epaulets!

 Christian Dior Couture Red Carpet Bow Trend

Christian Dior, Couture

Shoulder bow FTW!

Gemma Chan REd Carpet Bow Trend 

Gemma Chan, Vanity Fair New Hollywood Party

 Bow, take 2. Girl loves herself a good bow.

 Lady Gaga Grammy Awards Red Carpet Bow Trend by David Peck

Lady Gaga, Grammy Awards

 Not a literal bow, but it’s a great use of a deconstructed bow that adds drama to a simple silhouette. One of my faves this year by far. Her hair and makeup complete the cool, rocker glam look.

 Sandra Oh SAG Awards Red Carpet bow trend by David Peck

Sandra Oh, SAG Awards

 Half a bow ain’t bad!

 Glen Close Golden Globes Red carpet bow trend by David Peck

Glen Close, Golden Globes

 Added some bling to her bow!

Danai Gurira Golden Globes Red carpet Bow Trend 

Danai Gurira, Golden Globes

 She’s just gorgeous and this color is everything, but look at the BOW!

 Rachel Brosnahan Golden Globes red carpet bow trend by David Peck

Rachel Brosnahan, Golden Globes

This is a modern take on vintage style which is perfect for her since she plays a character with an incredible mid-century wardrobe.

 Sandra Oh Golden Globes Red Carpet bow trend by David Peck

Sandra Oh, Golden Globes

The drama and the drape, people. It’s just so good.

Zendaya Coleman Vanity Fair and Lancôme Toast Women in Hollywood Event red carpet bow trend by David Peck 

 Zendaya Coleman Vanity Fair and Lancôme Toast Women in Hollywood Event

Zendaya has so much fun with her styling. I always look forward to seeing what she wears and how she styles her look. She rarely gets it wrong and is one of the most exciting stylish young women out on the red carpet.

There you have it! So many bows. So little time! Which one is your favorite???

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