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Red Carpet Rundown | Oscars Red Carpet 2021

Was it just me, or was that Oscars broadcast weird? It all started with the (very slow) red carpet. I felt terrible for the commentators on E! They had to keep vamping and figuring out what to say because there wasn't really much happening in the way of fashion for the first 3/4s of the broadcast. When the stars finally did arrive, there weren't that many to even discuss.

Oscars 2021 Recap: The Best and Worst Moments - The New York Times

The ceremony itself started out with so much promise. That long tracking shot of Regina King walking through LA's Union Station was striking and dramatic, and I thought we were in for something magical. Unfortunately, besides some interesting camera work and thoughtful framing, the rest of the broadcast fell flat. I missed the movie clips that highlighted the work that was being honored by the Academy.
There were some charming speeches, and there was a pleasantly surprising amount of diversity in the nominations and wins. I'm still catching up on seeing all the nominated movies. While I watch a ton of TV, I haven't brought myself to watch many movies this year, which is unusual for me.

Regina King, Carey Mulligan, others step back onto Oscars red carpet |  Reuters
On to the fashion. Was it the best year for fashion? Maybe not, but there were some stunning looks that will probably inform what we'll be seeing in real life in the next year.


Image may contain Zendaya Fashion Premiere Red Carpet Red Carpet Premiere Clothing Apparel Wedding and Wedding Gown
Image may contain Red Carpet Fashion Red Carpet Premiere Premiere Amanda Seyfried Human Person Wedding and Clothing
This, on the other hand, has the drama that the Oscars demand. Not many people can pull off this dramatic of a sleeve. The "lip" clutch was a bridge too far for me, though.
Image may contain Fashion Premiere Red Carpet Red Carpet Premiere Human Person Clothing and Apparel
Emerald Fennell Pregnant, Debuts Baby Bump at Oscars 2021 |
Emerald Fennell in Gucci
Let's hear it for the moms. She looks lovely. The perfect print for spring. 

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