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Staff Picks | TV Shows We Can't Quit

We couldn't do staff picks without including TV shows obviously. Binging shows on Netflix until 3 AM can't just be our guilty pleasure? Our staff rounded up 5 television series that we find binge-worthy, entertaining, or just simply worth a good watch if you have nothing else to do (or even if you do, if we're being perfectly honest).


I couldn't settle on only five of my favorite shows so I've decided to be extra because I can. 

1. Alias

Jennifer Garner as an international spy? Yes, please! This show gives me all the 2000s feels and has some great fashion moments as well. I distinctly remember watching the premiere episode live (can you believe we used to watch things live???). I still think that it's probably the best pilot in the history of television. 90 minutes of pure thrill. I was hooked. 

Also, can we talk about the music, Specifically, The Cranberries "Never Grow Old." Chills. Warning: if you watch this on streaming, you will most likely not get the original music because they didn't cough up the money for the rights. It's worth it to buy the series for the original soundtrack alone. Just saying.

Image result for jennifer garner alias

2. Anne of Green Gables (and Anne of Avonlea) 

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this series. It must have been on repeat as a kid. Seriously, I could go on for days about how much both the books and the series made an impact on my life. There are so many things that I decided to explore because of L. M. Montgomery's work. Funny, heartbreaking, and full of heart, we could all take a few pages out of Anne's book.

Prince Edward Island is on my bucket list and I will make it there sooner rather than later. Fun fact: this is the only television show that my grandfather would sit and watch all the watch.

Anne of Green Gables Top 5 Shows David Peck

3. Schitt's Creek

This show will continue to make my list for years to come. There is so much good writing out there on the merits of this show that I won't attempt to do it justice here. Just start watching it if you haven't. It will change your life for the better. 

Schitt's Creek Top 5 Shows David Peck

4. The Americans

Suspense and spy television seems to be a running theme on my top show list. Since this show ended in 2018, I still can't get enough of it. It's a slow burn and so well acted and shot. The ending is one of the most satisfying and perfect endings that I can think of in a television series. Tip: you need to pay attention during this one, so don't try to multi-task or have it on in the background. It deserves your full attention.

The Americans Top 5 Shows David Peck

5. Mad Men

Seven seasons of such an iconic show has really left a dent in my TV routine. If you haven't checked it out yet please log into Netflix now! There's so much to love about this show, including the brilliant costuming. If you love the show and want to know more, check out Tom and Lorenzo's breakdown of the seriesand the costumes. It's almost as good as the series itself. 

Mad Men Top 5 Shows David Peck

6. I Love Lucy

 Need I say more? The comedic genius of Lucy stands the test of time. I remember rushing to finish my homework so I could watch it. 

I Love Lucy Top 5 Shows

7. Homeland

Another CIA/Spy centered series to add to my favorites. Maybe it's time I look into a career change! The final season is airing now, so there's no better time to catch up than now so we can discuss!

Homeland Top 5 Shows David Peck

8. House of Cards

Drama, politics, and greed. House of Cards captivated us all and is definitely a must-watch if you're looking for six seasons of fictional political drama. Keven Spacey drama aside, I love this show even when it was off the rails. FYI: Mrs. Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) plays a key role.


9. Sex and the City

It's hard to quantify the impact this show had. The best part about the final season? I was living in Paris at the time.  

Sex and the CityDavid Peck Custom Houston Texas

10. Downtown Abbey

My love of luxury can live on in this perfectly executed historical series. Beautiful costume and set designs are only the tip of the iceberg with Downtown Abbey. I would watch it for the dowager's wit alone.

 11. My So-Called Life

An embodiment of all things 90s. This show brings back immense amounts of nostalgia every time. Also, the second series on the list staring Claire Danes... and people say I'm difficult to get to know.

My So Called Life David Peck Custom Houston Texas

12. The Crown

Besides Schitt's Creek, The Crown was definitely my favorite show in 2019 and our entire staff seemed to agree on this fact. We are living for the historical drama, and it's made me dig into the real stories behind the episodes. There's a great podcast that accompanies season 3 that is a must. 

The Crown David Peck Custom Houston Texas


1. Versailles* (* means David also loves it)

Beautiful costume designs are at the forefront of this series. I whole-heartedly agree with Crystal's pick and would also love to include it on my long list of binge-worthy favorites. 

Versailles Top 5 David Peck Custom

2. The Crown*

Back on the list because it deserves it that much.

3. Mind Hunter*

Based on the true-crime book Mindhunter, This series takes a deep dive into the minds of criminals by two FBI agents and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Mind Hunter Top 5 David Peck Custom

4. Atypical 

Currently waiting for the next season of this heart-warming show to return to Netflix and believe that you should catch up while you can!

Atypical Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom  

5. Working Moms*

Powerful working moms have deserved a show like this for years. If you're looking to fulfill your girl power needs, this is exactly what you need. It's Canadian and we have a thing for our friends up North.

Working Moms Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom

6. Blacklist 

Another FBI action series has made our list, but whose shocked at this point? They're all worth the watch whether you love these types of dramas or not! 

Blacklist Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom


1. Schitt's Creek

No surprises here! We can't stop raving about this show.

2. This is Us*

This show is a quality tear-jerker. If you're looking to immerse yourself in some drama aside from your own, this show fits the bill. 

This is Us David Peck Custom Top Movies

3. Mad Men

Another show that we can all agree upon. 

 4. The Ranch

Navigating love and life after a professional career in sports must be rough, though we would never truly know. This show may have just ended a few weeks ago but Alyssa is still loving it!

The Ranch David Peck Custom Top TV Shows

5. Last Man Standing 

Tim Allen navigates his "masculinity" in Last Man Standing. This show is currently in its 8th season since it's premier in 2011!

Last Man Standing David Peck Custom Top TV Shows


1. Friends*

*No caption necessary* Everyone born before 2005 knows about the impact "Friends" has had on pop culture!

Also, can we EVEN talk about the upcoming reunion? Shook.

Friends Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom

2. Chernobyl

HBO mega-hit Chernobyl is an award-winning, heart-wrenching drama that has captured the hearts of many, and rightfully so. 

Chernobyl Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom

3. How I Met Your Mother

Another classic television show that constantly seems to be a source of online conversation. These episodes are quick and easy to digest. 

How I Met Your Mother Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom

4. Kukhnya

A Russian show whose name translates directly to "Kitchen," follows a top chef's journey in his profession. 

Kukhnya Top 5 TV Shows David Peck Custom

5. The Simpsons

An iconic show that has been on for what feels like forever. Full of humor and oddly specific predictions, I would be shocked if you haven't seen at least one episode of The Simpsons. 


Tell us! What are your shows that you just can't quit??? 




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