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Staff Picks | 11 Favorite Pop Culture Moments of 2019

It's the end of another year, well, decade so we decided that it would be a fun idea to round up our top 10 pop culture moments of 2019. This year has been filled with great music, movies & television. It would be impossible to cover all of the greatness, so here are the David Peck staff member picks:

1. Schitt's Creek

If the name scares you, don't let it. Our staff unanimously agreed that Schitt's Creek was the best thing to happen to television all year. "Ew, David" was my tagline all of 2019. My sister even ordered a pop socket with the saying on it for me. 

The show is ultimately about BELONGING (we hear you Brené Brown!) and how beautiful life and humanity can be. We have all shed a tear or two over the course of the show (case in point, the Cabaret episode that ended the last season), and we can't wait for it to come back in January!

Schitt's Creek Top 10 List David Peck

2. The Morning Show

When this show was released in early November who hadn't heard of it? Well, we loved it just as much as everyone else does. I mean, it was practically the reason that Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and broke the internet. The Morning Show is relevant, well cast, and a must-watch.

Morning Show Top 10 List David Peck

3. Game of Thrones Season 8

We've all heard about it, seen the posts and maybe understood the references. Leaving the ending of such a legendary series off of our list would be borderline criminal. Not all of us have seen it (um, I think I'm the only one who hasn't. You can shoot me later.), but the group consensus can't be ignored!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Top 10 List David Peck

4. Taylor Swift | "I Forgot That You Existed"

This song helped us all feel a little more empowered this year. How couldn't you love such a catchy beat that masks all that shade? 

Taylor Swift I Forgot That You Existed David Peck

5. Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

After being one of the most-watched TED talk speakers in the world, we were all thankful for her Netflix special that focused on choosing courage over comfort in today's society. I got to see her speak in-person twice in the last year and if you haven't hopped on the BB train, there's no time like the present. Plus, she's from Houston!

Brene Brown Top 10 List David Peck

6. The Crown

Thankful yet again for a new season of The Crown returning to Netflix. We can't get enough of the royal drama! The costumes and cinematography alone are worth the binge.

If you haven't watched the 3rd season, be sure to have a box of tissues ready for episode 3. I don't know if I'll ever be the same.


The Crown Top 10 List David Peck

7. Chernobyl

An Emmy winner and instant classic, Chernobyl was this year's major hit. HBO's miniseries focused on the brave men and women who endured the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster. 

Chernobyl Top 10 List David Pec

8. You Need to Calm Down 

If you couldn't tell, we are huge Taylor Swift fans here at David Peck. This summer's go-to song "You Need to Calm Down" was accompanied by a hilariously cute music video. This song was on repeat for months! 

9. Judy

This beautifully directed film was an adaptation of the West End and Broadway play "End of the Rainbow" by Peter Quilter follows the life of the legendary Judy Garland. It's currently up for several nominations and we think it deserves every one of them! Kate, our head of product development was the first to see it and RAVED! We think there better be an Oscar nom for Renée Zellweger (another Houstonian, well Katy)!

Judy Top 10 List David Peck

10. Ford V Ferrari 

We couldn't end this list without a high speed thriller making the cut! Released in the later half of 2019, this film incorporates fast cars, friendship and some historical accuracy.

Ford v Ferrari Top 10 List David Peck

11. Lizzo

There's not much more to say other than thank goodness the world discovered her this year! I personally loved her interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Add another Houstonian to the list cause Lizzo is ON it. 


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