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Staff Picks | New Year's Resolutions

While the shadow of 2020 still looms, I'm so excited about what is to come this year. Yes, the calendar year's change is mostly symbolic, and we can resolve to change at any time, but symbols are essential. Also, deadlines and dates work to help keep us accountable.

I asked the team to tell us about what their resolutions were for 2021. It's already looking like it is shaping up to be a great year! 

Alyssa: This year's New Year's resolution is to eliminate negativity. Negativity can come in so many forms: negative self-talk, doubt, fear, perspective, people, and habits. I have recently realized that I am always speaking and negatively projecting words and actions, and I plan to start the change this year. I am more aware of this habit and am slowly applying ways to break it and shift gears positively. I have learned how much power your words and actions carry. Here's to a great new beginning of hard work and exciting change! 


Crystal: This year's New Year's Resolution is to eliminate soda from my diet. Easier said than done but much needed because of the many health benefits. Soda's ultimately affected my complexion and overall health due to all the sugar.

I am looking forward to starting this New Year with a cleaner diet and a clearer complexion! Let's hope it ends as strong as it starts. 



Kate: This year's New Year's Resolution is to be a good parent (some of you may not know, but Kate is pregnant with a little boy due in April!). Usually, resolutions are half goal and half planning. Since I do not know how things will go as a first-time parent with a newborn, all I can do is be adaptable. I will focus on being open-minded to the learning process... all while being sleep deprived. Wish me luck!

Parenting GIFs | Tenor

David: I tend to shy away from resolutions in the traditional sense and try to find themes that I want to build upon for the year. I've already spoken about my word of the year, and the more that I thought about what it will mean for us to expand, the more I realized how vital FOCUS is going to be. 

As a creative person, I tend to find possibilities in everything. I struggle with working on too many projects and not having the time to fully dedicate to all of what I've committed to doing. Some people think it's shiny object syndrome, but it's not! It's not that any one project is bad or good, but it's a matter of prioritizing what I and the business need at the time. 

Focused GIF - Find on GIFER

So, how am I going to work on FOCUS? I'm going to try three simple things, and I'll let you know how they work!

1. Acknowledge the distractions

  • Instead of beating myself up for noticing all the "distractions," I will document the ideas that come into my head. We use to project manage, so I'm keeping a list of the ideas that come to mind. That way, I'm acknowledging the idea and giving it space, but I'm also more easily able to see if it's a distraction from my current goal. 

2. Writing down my priorities

  • I'm going to be better about evaluating my priorities by writing them down, knowing that they can change based on what's going on in the world (see 2020). By writing my priorities down and not letting them live in the ether, I will be better able to track my progress and stay focused.

3. Say "No"

  • Saying NO is harder than it looks for me, but there's such power in it. If a project doesn't align with my current goals, it's ok to say NO. Also, NO doesn't have to be NO forever. It can mean NO for now, and we can revisit later. 

I hope our outlook on our resolutions helps you! What are your resolutions???

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