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Staff Picks | Songs We Can't Quit

Our staff picks haven't stopped just yet! While picking our top song of all time isn't quite possible, we each came up with 5 songs that we just can't quit. Music can change our spirits, and who doesn't need that right now. If you're running dry and are in need of some inspiration you've come to the right place. 


Don't know what song to choose during your next round of karaoke? Problem solved! Denying that you haven't dramatically scream sung this tune at some point in your life should be illegal. 

1. Don't Stop Believing - Journey

2. Adore You - Harry Styles

This song has been all over the place since it's release in December, and for good reason! It's catchy beat and Harry Styles melodic voice makes it almost impossible to hate. 

3. Melt - Shaed

 Alyssa can't seem to get enough of this 2018 bop! Check out the music video below to listen to your next go-to song of the day. 

4. That's Life - Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra's smooth voice creates a timelessness that is almost impossible to replicate. This song is definitely one for the books. 

5. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

A great mix of genres is the perfect way to create a top five list. This couldn't be achieved without some classic rock, brought to you by the iconic Pink Floyd. 


1.  Hawaii '78 - IZ

Close your eyes and relax. That's all I have to say about any of IZ's beautifully sung songs. 

2. Bitch of Living - Spring Awakening

From the critically acclaimed musical Spring Awakening, this song provides all of the angst we need to get through the week, especially now.

3. Let Go - Frou Frou

This song has appeared in several movies such as "Garden State" and "The Holiday." Maybe that is where you've heard it before. 

4. She's Crazy but She's Mine - Alex Sparrow

Though this song is originally in Russian, the English version is just as catchy!

5. Billionaire - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

This song instantly transports me to 2010. It's crazy to think this once viral tune came out 10 years ago. Where has the time gone? 



1. Stars in the Moon - Audra McDonald

I was really looking forward to seeing Broadway star Audra McDonald at the TUTS gala this year. She has a voice sent straight from heaven and this song definitely showcases her extensive range and astonishing vocal capabilities. 

2. My Funny Valentine - Ella Fitzgerald

The voice of an absolute angel. This is another song that has certainly withstood the test of time. If you've never given Ella a listen, now is the perfect time to start. 

3. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - Maren Morris

A beautiful tribute to Elton John. If Maren Morris isn't in your rotation, she is an artist you need to check out! I also love Mandy Moore's cover of it as well. 

4. The Place Where Lost Things Go - Emily Blunt

Not only did I adore Marry Poppins Returns as a movie (who doesn't love Emily Blunt?) but I found myself captivated by the soundtrack. As a parent who has experienced loss, the lyrics are especially poignant. My boys love singing this at bedtime. 

5. Gardenia - Mandy Moore

This emotional ballad made my top five list  for a good reason. If you want a song to shamelessly sob to this one fits the bill. If you aren't listening to Mandy's latest album Silver Landings, get on it STAT!. 


1. We Know the Way - Moana

A sweet Disney movie with a killer soundtrack? Sign me up! 

2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston's iconic vocals and charm are clearly present in this fan-favorite tune. Let me know if you're able to listen to this song without smiling, I know I can't! 

3. I've Had the Time of My Life - Bill Medley 

Another 80s staple that still sees a good amount of radio air time to this day. Singing along to this bop will never get old it seems. 

4. Into Yesterday- Sugar Ray

 The family-friendly movie "Surf's Up" features a fun soundtrack that fills your soul with summer sunlight.

5. Come Away With Me- Norah Jones

Light and airy vocals with a melody that could transport you to place of instant nostalgia, that's what distinguishes Norah Jones from the rest. 

Give us some inspiration and let us know your top five favorite songs of all time!




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