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Gotta Have It | Taylor Swift & Tiaras

"I come back stronger than a 90's trend" No, we are not talking about plaid or scrunchies. We are talking about Tiaras.

Taylor Swift in a tiara for her willow video david peck is a designer in Houston texas who sells tiaras for weddings 

It's a new year and with a new year comes new trends. Tiaras are not new on the block but they are making a comeback. In true fashion, T-Swift is already on the trend train, and boy is she making it look good.


In her new Willow music video, Taylor rocks a beautiful crystal floral tiara with what looks like a vintage bridal dress or nightgown. It is the perfect ladylike accessory for such a delicate look.

Many of our brides and debutants are turning to tiaras for their touch of sparkle. Tiaras are not just for your ladies who want to look like a princess or for the young girl playing dress-up. Tiaras are for the women who want to add a touch of vintage elegance, royalty, and delicacy to their already beautiful look.

Follow Taylor's lead. The tiara is back, but then, it never really went away. 

We've linked a few of our favorites below!




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