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What to Watch | TV Watch: Summer

I’ve been wanting to do a TV post for a long time and I’m finally getting around to doing it. I probably watch WAY too much TV, but every time I think it’s too much, I remind myself that I also used to read about 10-15 books a week when I was younger. TV is totally my new book. Plus, I tend to fall asleep now when I read. So anti-climactic. On the list of #lifegoals is getting back to reading more. For now, there’s just way too much GOOD TV.

Later, I’ll do a post on TV that changed me as a person, but because it’s summer, I thought that I would focus this one on what I’m watching now, just finished watching, or is on my watch list. This list isn’t at all exhaustive. I’ve limited it to three titles per category of shows that are currently on TV. As I said, I like TV…

Reality TV

I don’t watch a ton (remember, this is all relative) of reality TV, but when I do, it’s probably on Bravo. Michelle and I agree on the reality TV we watch for the most part, which makes sense because we used to watch the The Hills when we were in Paris. I blame Michelle. She got me hooked.

Real Housewives of New York & Beverly Hills

We’ve given all of the Housewives a go at some point, but I only have a place in my heart for New York and Beverly Hills.  We started watching RHNY when we lived in Brooklyn. The world is small no matter where you are, but our friends on the Upper East side knew most of the original cast. They really do run in a small social circle. Alex and Simon (remember them?) lived not far from us in Boerum Hill/Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn.

 Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny is definitely my favorite and a business inspiration, though I do love me some Dorinda (she made it NICE, people). This season, I’m super into the whole Bethenny/Carole drama. I loved Carole, but I have to side with Queen B on this one. Carole seems to be the one who’s changed. I hope that at some point they will mend their fences, but until then…#TeamBethenny

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

ROBH is so OTT and ridiculous, but I love it. I tend to like most of the women on this show, but it’s super good about letting one get under my skin and annoy me (I see you, Dorit). Lisa Vanderpump and I hang out all the time… in my head, and I let Erika tell people off for me.

 Southern Charm (Charleston)

 Southern Charm, Bravo

There’s really only one Southern Charm in my opinion and that’s the OG version. I seriously want to know how these people can afford to just exist because they never seem to really work. How Thomas could have ever thought he could run for office (don’t even get me started on Ashley… She’s HORRIBLE) is beyond. In fact, the men on this show are generally on the loser side, while the women seem to have it together, relatively speaking. On this one, I’m definitely #TeamKatherine.


Million Dollar Listing New York & L.A.

 Million Dollar Listing New York, Bravo

I’m obsessed with all things real estate and home design, but HGTV doesn’t always have what I’m looking for in terms of aspirational inspiration. A person’s got to dream BIG. That’s where MDL steps in to help. There’s a place in my head where I’m the potential buy or seller of these dream homes, easily tossing $10s of millions around on expensive real estate because it’s a good investment. 


My take on comedy tends to be on the dark side, but I spend a lot of time trying to find shows that I think Michelle will like, since she tends to like things to be lighter on the comedy side. These are ones that we watch together.


 Younger TV

Sutton Foster really makes this comedy super relatable and real. I’ve always passed for younger, not sure if that’s my looks or maturity… I’m going with looks, so I totally believe that at 40 I could pass for 28 and it not be a big deal. Also, this show is set in the world of book publishing, another one of my obsessions, so it all works.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Just plain funny and lovable. The way comedy is used to handle really serious topics is brilliant, and the supporting cast is so well cast that I can’t help but smile.

 The Good Place

The Good Place 

I’ve just started this one, but it’s GOOD. Witty, smart, and with a crazy premise into which I can totally sink my teeth. Again, the entire cast has just great chemistry which really makes everything gel.


This is where I really go overboard. I’m a sucker for PRESTIGE TV. I don’t watch as much as I would if left to my own devices, since this isn’t anything that Michelle prefers, but I generally binge watch to catch up when I can.

 The Americans

 The Americans, Kerri Russel

The one where Felicity grew up to be a Russian spy. The pacing of this show is so excellent and creepy. Definitely a SLOW burn. The truly tense moments usually don’t have anything to do with espionage directly, but how the main characters interact with one another because of their profession. Looking back at the 80’s through this lens is also fascinating.



I’ll admit that I’ve saved up the second season of Riverdale to binge watch, maybe on my trip to China next month (more on that later). The first season was a perfect blend of mystery and cheese. It doesn’t require you to think too much. In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t since I know I never looked like the stars in high school. Added bonus: some of your favorite 80’s and 90’s teen heartthrobs and sweethearts play parents and make cameos. What’s not to love?

This Is Us

 This Is US, NBC

There’s not an episode of This Is Us that hasn’t made me cry. The way the characters are developed in the present and the past at the same time is super smart. Mandy Moore also has my vote. Anyone who can transition as gracefully as she has from teen pop star to “serious” actress deserves all the awards. Plus, she occasionally gets to sing, so there’s that. This is definitely not a show I can binge since it is so emotionally draining, but I’m always glad I’ve seen it at the end of every episode.

The Crown

 The Crown, Netflix

A part of me can’t imagine anyone but Claire Foy in the lead role, but I’m excited for the next season of The Crown when the entire cast is new and portraying slightly older versions of these characters I’ve grown to love. Claire Foy has really been the glue that holds this series together. She says so much with her eyes without speaking. As a history lover, this show has also given me a much better grasp of world events. The whole idea of the British monarchy and how if functions is equally fascinating. The costuming, sets, and cinematography are beyond beautiful. There’s so much care and attention to detail that I’m always wanting to linger a bit longer so that I don’t miss anything. #WheresMyPassport?


I’m going to do a whole post about design TV because I have so many thoughts on the subject that I’m sure you are dying to hear. For now, I’ll leave you with the “non-design” shows I love.

The Profit

 The Profit, Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis is the perfect blend of sympathetic and savvy. I sometimes wonder if the businesses he works with on The Profit  have ever watched the show, but I love that it usually all comes together in the end. The follow up shows are especially enlightening. It’s revealing to see who actually uses the opportunity well and where others have completely missed the boat or turned out to be slime balls. There are lessons from the show that I’ve tried to incorporate into my own business. Business really is all about the people, process, and product. When one is lacking, it doesn’t work. Also, there’s something fascinating about watching someone build an empire over the course of several years. Seeing how all his businesses fit and work together is fascinating and super smart business wise since he’s getting a cut of all the business his businesses do with each other.

Who Do You Think You Are?

 Who Do You Think You Are

Ancestry has always been a topic I’ve loved to explore. I don’t binge WDYTYA like I do others, but it’s always good for those time when I just need a little something with a dash of history and mystery.  The seasons aren’t very long, so it’s an easy show to catch up on if you’ve missed any episodes or seasons. I haven't found out any ancestral connections directly on the show, but Michelle did realize that she was related to Reba McEntire from her episode!

Super Soul Sunday

 Super Soul Sunday, Brené Brown

SSS is my preferred sermon almost always. Every time I think that I’m not going to be interested in a guest or a topic, Oprah turns around a proves me wrong. That’s why she’s OPRAH!!!!! The world needs more Super Soul, and I’m so glad that Oprah created a space, AKA her OWN Network to have this type of programming. If you haven’t watched it, set aside some time when you can sit quietly and be immersed. They also have each episode as a podcast now, which is super helpful when you are on the go or stuck in a car. My favorite episodes are with Houstonian Brené Brown.








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