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Creating Opportunities | Carly Explains It All

You know when you know when you have a good idea? Well, I don't always know, but I usually recognize when other people have a good idea. That's why when Carly Lee of C. Style mentioned a collaboration featuring a version of her go-to black-tie gown, I was IN!

Carly did a great job on her BLOG of explaining the dress and why you NEED it in your closet, so I'm going to let her tell the story. 





What if I told you I found a stunning black tie dress that is extremely slimming (on all body types), comfortable (you can wear a normal bra), unique (no one else will look like you), can be worn all year round (because it has sleeves), and that will make a statement but won’t look like you are going to the prom or are part of the wedding party…

Can it be?

Yes, it can be!! This dress is my dream come true!!!! My friend and very talented designer David Peck (of Miles David) and I collaborated to bring you the most versatile black tie dress EVER!

Are you ready to see it?!…….




This simple, elegant formal dress is the perfect silhouette for so many body types! We thought of everything! The color, weight and drape of the fabric allows this dress to hang but not hug while giving a slimming effect everywhere! It has sleeves, which gives the dress a super elegant look and allows you to wear it year round! You could even push the sleeves up when it’s warm outside! Plus, you can wear your normal bra! And every women everywhere said, “AMEN!” I’m wearing shape wear because it makes me feel more secure.

But wait! It gets better!

You can wear it BACKWARDS!

Backwards (keyhole closed)

Backwards (keyhole open)

Backwards (keyhole open and corners tucked in to form a V)

Front as back!

That’s FOUR different dresses from ONE dress!

And if that’s not enough…

…Check out my sister in the dress in navy!



Backwards (with keyhole open)


Stunning, right?

Why is the little black dress (lbd) concept only for cocktail attire?! Let’s bring the concept to formal wear!

This dress serves as the perfect backdrop for whatever you want to do, making the dress UNIQUELY YOURS!

Make it uniquely yours by:

  1. Wearing statement earrings
  2. Wearing a statement necklace
  3. Wearing a layered necklace
  4. Wearing an arm party on both arms
  5. Wearing a belt
  6. Wearing a white oxford shirt under it
  7. Wearing a sweater over it
  8. Wearing a faux fur coat
  9. Wearing a faux fur stole
  10. Wearing a faux fur vest
  11. Wearing a poncho or shawl
  12. Wearing a vintage coat over it

Like this:

Backwards (open v) with Faux Fur Stole

The possiblities are ENDLESS!

I’ll post all the different ways my sister and I will wear this dress over the next week, so be sure to check Instagram!


If you order now, you’ll be one of the first to get the dress, and you’ll have it in time for the HOLIDAYS! (This dress is not an off the rack dress. David and his team will be personally making these dresses for you. The quality is better than an off the rack dress! The dresses will be made in the order in which they are received and will start shipping on Nov. 1st.)

Items may be exchanged for a different size or returned for a store credit. For more detailed sizing information, click here.

Outfit Details: Dress- Miles David (I’m wearing an xs), Shape wear- Commando, Earrings- Stella + Ruby, Bracelet: 2 old J. Crew bracelets wrapped around each other, for a similar look here and here

My Sister’s Outfit Details: Dress- Miles David (She’s wearing an xs), Necklace- Old Marc Jacobs for similar here and here, Faux Fur Stole- Miles David, Earrings- J. Crew, Rebecca de Ravenel

 Head to C. Style for an EXTRA special offer code! 

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