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Fenna & Fei

Fenna and Fei are an accessories brand founded by Mother Aubrey in Boise, Idaho. The brand, named after Aubrey’s daughters, creates beautiful jewelry and hair clips from biodegradable cellulose acetate. Fenna and Fei seek to make eco-friendly and plant-based products and specialize in their cellulose acetate products. Cellulose acetate is made from cotton pulp, which creates a non-petroleum, plant-based product. Their packaging is also 0 waste and is made from 100% recycled water bottles.

The cellulose acetate found in Fenna and Fei’s products is sourced from Italy and Japan, then sent to China and the United States to be colored. Lastly, it goes through a polishing process to give it that signature shine. The acetate is strong and can withstand the daily wear and tear.