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Wine Jigsaw Puzzle - Scotland | Water & Wines (1000 Piece)

Slainte Mhath! Taking that first sip of smooth scotch whiskey after a long week, feeling warm and fuzzy as it makes its way is something to long for. At that moment, all you ever want is to rest and relax for what is remaining of the weekend. You take out a Water & Wines puzzle that highlights the history of Scottish whiskey. Could this weekend get any better?

Buy now, serve yourself a glass scotch, and make your way into what is called the water of life. And again Slainte Mhath!

Tour through Highlands, Speyside or Islay while you learn about whiskies, distilleries, ancient traditions that have made Scotch whisky famous.
Whiskies listed on the back of the box by nose, palate, finish. Reduce stress with citrus aroma, floral pear taste and crisp refreshing finish.
1000 pieces puzzle. 50 by 70 cm puzzle.
Water and Wines cares about the environment. For every puzzle purchase, Water and Wines promises to plant a tree and also promises to donate a percentage of their profit to charity to provide people with clean drinking water.

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