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These are all very real and timely questions. I've had years to think about all of these. Well, all except the masks. That's a new one...

Coronavirus has made being a small business owner scary, especially those who are retail related. If you follow the business of fashion at all, you'll know that things have been shaky at best for those in our industry. Heck, I've been through my own share of ups and downs. 

Lucky for you, I was able to sit down (virtually, because #socialdistancing) with my friend Laura Max Rose on her podcast, Look Ma, No Hands. If you don't listen already, Laura's name might be familiar from our recent Inside the Design Studio Profile on her. We discuss all these things and then some.

So, grab a cup of coffee... Who am I kidding, a bottle of wine and listen to our socially distanced conversation, technology warts and all. 

 Listen on Apple Podcasts.

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