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life hack. david peck wearing custom covid-19 mask and striped shirt in production studio

The last week has definitely turned our world upside down. We went from making gala gowns and wedding dresses to mask makers in an instant. 

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't think that we could really help make masks. Not that we aren't capable of sewing them, but I had a concern that what we could make wouldn't help stop the spread of the virus an may even cause people to be more complacent when they wore them because they would think they are more protected than they actually were. 

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Long story short, the need became too great, and I knew we had to at least try to do something that could make a difference. After loads of research (AKA Google) and many conflicting reports, we came up with this design. It's made from non-woven polypropylene fabric. This fabric should have better protection than just plain cotton, and even though it's not hospital grade, it's the closest thing we could find that's readily available and can be used for mass production. 

These are made of non-woven polypropylene fabric. They have a pocket inside into which a HEPA filter can be inserted, a nose wire, and elastic at the chin for an optimal fit. They are designed to fit over an existing #N95 mask. Hopefully, it will help prolong the use of these masks by medical professionals.

Coronavirus Mask by David Peck

If mask-making isn't for you, you can donate to help support our efforts HERE.

This 10 step tutorial should help you should you wish to make masks for yourself or in bulk for healthcare workers. We've tried to simplify it as much as possible for quick and easy production while maintaining an optimal fit. The mask pattern is one size and can be adjusted by tying a knot in the ear elastic. You can also scale up or down using a copy machine.

If you are mass producing, we estimate that you can cut 4 masks out of 18" of 4' wide fabric. 

Click here to download the PDF pattern

Click here for a PDS (CAD) version



NOTE: Elastic has been sold out many places and might have May or June delivery date (double-check before you confirm your order), so you may have to search for this.

Step 1

Cut out your pattern pieces

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 2

Sew all the center seams together

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 3

Finger press the seam allowances to one side (do not use an iron as the fabric will melt!) and topstitch next to the seam line. This will help your mask have a smooth, round shape when finished

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 4

Tack each 6" elastic piece to the sides of the front of the mask, 1/4" from the top and bottom edge.

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 5

Overlap back bottom piece over the back top piece and sew to the side seams together.

Coronavirus Mask How to by David PeckCoronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 6

Sew Top and bottom seams

Step 7

Sew elastic in place at chin while stretching.

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 8

Turn mask right side out. 

Step 9

Topstich 1/4" (a generous 1/4") from the top edge for 3" on either side of the center seam.

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Step 10

Bend 1/4" of one end of the pipe cleaner before inserting into the nose bridge channel that you just created. 

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

 Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Coronavirus Mask How to by David Peck

Here's a quick video I created that explains the steps as I sew the mask.


David Peck Signature Houston Texas
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Comments (10 Responses)

15 October, 2020


This is great David! Thanks for sharing!

15 October, 2020


Hi, I was wondering how to wash these masks, or more generally the non-woven polypropylene fabric In general

11 July, 2020

kathe witt

I would like to have your pattern for the polypropylene face masks.

27 May, 2020

Mai Long

Great job, David. Donated

17 April, 2020

Louis Berry

Thanks so much for the pattern and tutorial. I’m a single dad with two girls. We were lucky to find some non-woven poly reusable shopping bags. I modified your pattern a little and was able to sew three masks for my girls and I. I decided to go with double layer poly (no pocket) and use the loops as anchors for a single, doubled-over shoestring to tie in back (no one liked the over the ears options)

I don’t have a sewing machine, so hand sewing was pretty tedious, but I got them done.

Your pattern was a life saver…..living in NY, we now have to have masks if we go out. The stitching is a bit of a horror show, but it works.

I’m sorry that I am unable to donate to your cause…I wish you luck. I couldn’t go without saying thanks for putting this out there for us.

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