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Gotta Have It | La Poncho Vida

The poncho life is revolutionary and let me tell you why. Time after time, clients have requested effortless and size-less products that are easy to pack for travel. So with that, our best-selling poncho was born. Our classic silhouette has been reborn again and again in different fabrics. Our chiffon version has been an all-time favorite because, in addition to an evening wrap, it is perfect for the beach or even over a summer dress or as a top on its own.  

Carly Lee from Style wearing David Peck's chiffon poncho in black and the CStyle  maxi gown

When our Marketing Magician Alyssa, said she was going to Mexico for a week (jealous), I knew she had to take one of these fantastic coverups for the beach. And for good reason...It was the perfect accessory to elevate her swimsuit game

Blonde Woman wearing David Peck chiffon poncho in magenta and a bright yellow bikini
Alyssa: I needed something colorful that I could easily pack and use many different ways throughout my trip. This poncho was the perfect coverup, shawl, and evening beach top with a bando.
Blonde Woman wearing David Peck chiffon poncho in magenta and a bright yellow bikini

Did I mention that you can wear our ponchos 12+ different ways just by the way you style and wrap them? This is genuinely the poncho that keeps on giving! We have many custom colors you can choose from and several different lengths. You won't regret this timeless piece in your closet.





Carly Lee wearing David Peck's matte jersey poncho and CStyle gown


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