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Gotta Have It | So Fresh and So Clean

Are you looking down at your wedding band and ring and thinking, jeez, that's one dirty ring, or do you have that favorite pair of diamond studs you wear all day every day and can't remember the last time you cleaned them?

Well, I have good news for you. David Peck officially carries Lindsey Leigh's best-selling, foaming jewelry cleaner. From drab to fab, you won't stop cleaning all your jewelry once you start. Check out this before and after. WOWZA!!!!

This non-toxic formulation turns the grease, oil, and grime on your jewelry into soap right on the surface. The ionic reaction actually sequesters all the dirt, oil, and grime. It rinses away completely with water leaving your jewelry absolutely clean and sparkling. The bottle is airplane carry-on compatible, so you can take it with you on all your travels.

It is safe and effective on all metals and gems, including soft, porous stones like pearls and opal. You can even use it on costume jewelry, and it doesn't contain any acids that will break down the glue. Lindsey Leigh Jewelry cleaner is safe for use on antique jewelry pieces as well. 

The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opal. Because it is a resin material and not a gem, Amber should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Ethiopian opal is hydrophane, meaning it absorbs water, which can lead to instability and crazing. Any moisture could contribute to problems and should be avoided with Ethiopian opals.

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