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Staff Picks | Favorite Christmas Movies

I asked our team what each of their favorite Christmas / Holiday movies were. This season is typically filled with magic – something we hope to focus on as we draw a close to this unpredictable year. 


Alyssa Pasek | Director of Customer Happiness & Marketing:  

National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation: Everyone can relate to dysfunction during the holidays and I love how this movie finds the humor in that and is heart warming.



A Christmas Story: This has been a Christmas staple in our house since I was a kid. I even have fluffy pink pajamas that match Ralphie's bunny costume...I may even have a picture to prove it.



Home Alone tied with White Christmas: I could watch "Home Alone" 1,000+ times and never get tired of it. great laughs, great story! as for a white Christmas... 2 words "Bing Crosby" the music, the costumes and did I mention the dancing. One of my favorite classics. Fun fact: George Clooney's aunt(Rosemary Clooney) plays Betty Haynes 



Crystal Anderson | Assistant Designer: 

A Christmas Story: A classic staple from her childhood. I love to quote the movie.

National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation: The movie is such a good laugh and really reminds me of my family during the holidays.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: It's a different take on a Christmas movie. A little darker but still has a great message. I can watch it over and over again and I love the music by Danny Elfman. I knows all the words... (I think we should we test this!)


Kate Moreno | Product Development & Patterns: 


It's a Wonderful Life: The movie has a beautiful meaning and it is perfect for the holidays. Everyone should give it a watch!


Family Man: Ever wonder what would happen if we did things differently? The movie takes a look at how choices shape peoples lives and really gives you a shift in perspective. Another great message for the holidays.

Jingle All The Way: Hasta la vista baby. Schwarzenegger is back in this family classic. Such a great laugh and cute story about family.


Cecilia | Production Management & Seamstress: 

Love Actually: It has a little bit of everything, humor, romance, and drama. It was the perfect collection and casting of actors and actresses.


Home Alone: A classic holiday staple. it is so funny and ! watch it every year.

Miracle on 34th St: A sentimental special story and an old favorite.



Thoa | Head Seamstress


 Mai | Seamstress

Neither enjoy movies but love seeing Christmas lights and think it's the best way to enjoy and celebrate the season and holiday.


David | Head of Everything 

I'm afraid my list could go on for days, but I'll limit my choices to just three after giving a hearty ditto to Love Actuallyand White Christmas

Little Women

I grew up with the 1994 version (though I LOVE the 2019 version) and I've listed it before for other reasons, but for me, that opening scene of the March Girls waiting for Marmie to come home so they can celebrate Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas moments ever. 


The Family Stone

Christmas movies don't get much better than this. They all start cast is put to excellent use and there is something both heartwarming and relatable about the family dynamics. (This is also my second movie choice with Claire Danes... I may be a child of My So Called Life in the 90s...)

first impressions the family stone gif | WiffleGif

Meet Me in St. Louis

If you don't get sucker punched by "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," I may have to question your humanity. Not only is that my favorite Christmas song of all time, but it also seems so fitting for this moment in 2020. 

Someday soon we all will be together
If the fates allow
Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow
So have yourself a merry little Christmas now


David Peck Houston Texas Custom Designer







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