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Large Tray | Tart by Taylor

Looking for something to compliment that table that you spent hours, days, or maybe even weeks looking for? No need to look further, the perfect addition to your table is here. Add a pop of color to your tabletop with the large tray from Tart by Taylor.

Unique and fun, the large tray from Tart by Taylor is both stylish, as well as practical. Leave it alone on your table and have it work as a decorative tray for everyone to admire, or have it bedside on your nightstand and leave your book and phone on it! Bring it out for your family or friend get-together and serve beverages of your choice! Whether you want to do wine for the adults, soft drinks for the kids, or afternoon tea for everyone!

These large trays are sure to impress, and most of all, stand out! Every tray is handmade on order, so you can be sure that no two trays are exactly the same!

Size: 11" X 11" x 2" (11" X 13.5" X 2" including handles)

Available in 6 different styles!

- Chinoiserie
Rosé All Day

- Pills + Gold

- Pop The Bubbly 
- Two Faced
- Tortoise Print

Make sure when cleaning to use a soft damp cloth and keep it dry.

Adorable, Convenient, Practical, and Chic. Large trays from tart by Taylor. Cup on tray, pills on tray. Pills + Gold
Pills + Gold, Chinoiserie, Pop the Bubbly, Rose all Day, Two faced, Tortoise Print. Large trays different styles.
Tray dimensions. Pink background with Pills + Gold tray on the left
Tart by Taylor company description. Taylor makes each product on order so you know each order will be made with love and care, on top of being unique!

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