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David's World

If there's one question I get asked more than any other is, "What kind of shoe should I wear?" I'm all about comfort, especially if people can't see your shoe. You want to look good, but you want to feel good as well! There's no point of your shoe looking super adorable if they make your feet bleed! In this blog, I'll give you my 3 rules to follow when choosing shoes for your wedding, as well as shoes that I recommend! 
You know when you find something that just makes you smile and you've just gotta share it with the world? Well, that's what our latest addition to the boutique does for me. Ready for it???
We're back! And I really mean it this time. Here's the 411 on what's been happening since the last time I checked in and gave an update!

Planning a wedding and finding the perfect wedding dress during the pandemic can be troublesome, but local Houstonian bride, Kasey French Raley, did it! Come read more about this Texan bride's experience with creating her luxurious yet classic custom dream dress with David Peck.  Enjoy the nitty gritty, magical details of Kasey's big day all during COVID-19!

We may still be waiting on building permits (ahem… City of Houston, we’re going to need you to step it up, please), but demo is DONE! Here’s a quick video recap of what we opened up so that we can put it all back together (in a different way, of course). 

This week in the kitchen, we are whipping up another tasty recipe. Whether you are cooking for the family, hosting a party, or just need a quick meal idea, you can always find simple mouthwatering recipes RIGHT HERE. Whether you are “chopping it like it’s hot”, “Whipping it, whipping it real good”, or “letting the good times roll,” we are sure to have fun making new recipes and trying new things…not to mention we have already tested these recipes out for you, so you know it’s bound to be good! 

As intimidating as it may seem, it is really quite easy to put together the perfect summer meal. Which is why we are teaching you how to make stuffed avocados!

To say that I’ve been dying to tell you what I’m going to announce is not even an exaggeration. Since last summer, I’ve been working on this plan, and everything is falling into place to fill you in FINALLY on the BIG NEWS!

Let's go out with a bang this 4th of July with a movie night! If you saw our blog gearing up for a fun 4th of July at home, then you know that I set you up for the perfect 4th of July movie night right in your backyard. So don't worry if you missed it. Just pop your popcorn curl up on the couch, and watch one of these 50 patriotic favorites.
We have broken up 50 of these classic 4th of July movies into different categories so that you can easily pick your favorite one.

Summer loving had me a blast. Summer loving happened so fast....That's right i'm talking about our summer cocktail. Summer's will never be the same once you have had an Aperol Spritz.

Fourth of July is creeping up in just a few days and I realized I had not formally planned anything. This year has moved so fast thus far and i'm a little pooped needless to say. Trying to find the non existent energy to throw together a party for friends and family seemed daunting. It dawned on me that I can't certainly be the only one feeling that way. Since a lake house, beach house or island getaway is not in the cards, I thought what better way to come together than an outdoor movie night right at home?!
I know, I know... It's not Thursday, but that's ok because, honestly, every day is a good day for a good drink. So, in celebration of Father's Day, I'm sharing my personal favorite, a classic cocktail that you and the fathers in your life are sure to enjoy.

Without a doubt, Disney World is the most magical place on earth. in fact that is their official slogan. What if I told you that under the Disney umbrella was something called the Vacationeer and a whole slew of travel agents that take your wildest dreams and bring them to life...would you believe me? 

WELL...We are lucky to know one of these fairy godmothers and her name just so happens to be Nicole Stapleton!