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David's World

Without a doubt, Disney World is the most magical place on earth. in fact that is their official slogan. What if I told you that under the Disney umbrella was something called the Vacationeer and a whole slew of travel agents that take your wildest dreams and bring them to life...would you believe me? 

WELL...We are lucky to know one of these fairy godmothers and her name just so happens to be Nicole Stapleton! 

Now that I have two boys of my own, Father's Day has taken on a whole new meaning. My kids aren't old enough yet to really think of Father's Day gifts themselves, but the day isn't really about gifts (or is it?!). Dads seem to be the hardest people to buy for because they usually have everything they need and if they're like me, they don't want anything that they don't want. 

If you are going to be a couch potato, at least do it in style. I am sharing my top 9 favorite fashionable and functional couches that you just can't get enough of. In order to feng shui the perfect space you must first start with the most important accessory...A fabulous sofa.
Time after time, clients have requested effortless and size-less products that are easy to pack for travel. So With that, our best-selling poncho was born. Our classic silhouette has been reborn again and again in different fabrics. Chiffon has been an all-time favorite because it is perfect for the beach or even over a summer dress.
In true David Fashion if a good DIY is trending, I just have to try it. I have tried my hand at peel and stick wallpaper, large canvas art, sponge painting, and furniture refinishing. So, It was only fitting that I try this very cool candle hack and I have to say I am OBSESSED!!!

Are you looking down at your wedding band and ring and thinking, jeez, that's one dirty ring, or do you have that favorite pair of diamond studs you wear all day every day and can't remember the last time you cleaned them?

Well, I have good news for you. David Peck officially carries Lindsey Leigh's best-selling, foaming jewelry cleaner. From drab to fab, you won't stop cleaning all your jewelry once you start.

Today's feature is one for the books! Lindsey Hohlt, also known as Houston Diamond Girl on social media, is not just Houston's most well-known jewelry designer, but she is also a friend. Believe it or not, Lindsey used to be one of my models years ago. Now she puts her modeling skills to use online for her own company LLJ by modeling her incredible designs.   
This week in the kitchen, we are whipping up a tasty Spring Roll recipe. Whether you are cooking for the family, hosting a party, or just need a quick meal idea, you can always find simple mouthwatering recipesRIGHT HERE. Whether you are “chopping it like it’s hot”, “Whipping it, whipping it real good”, or “letting the good times roll,” we are sure to have fun making new recipes and trying new things…not to mention we have already tested these recipes out for you, so you know it’s bound to be good! 

As Memorial Day approaches, my mind turns to all things picnic-related. I'm sure many of you are still doing get-togethers outside, and quite frankly, a picnic never gets old. It won't matter your hosting level because we've got picnics covered from posh to nosh!

once again debutante season is upon us and we are so excited to help you customize or create your one of a kind deb gown. Be the bell of the ball and let us do all the hard work for you down to picking the perfect gloves and tiara. Everything you need to know about this coming of age special event.
You may think of one-piece suits as something for the more "mature" women in your life, but let me tell you, there's nothing so chic as a well-cut suit. It's timeless, and with so much variety on the market, there's a style to flatter your favorite features.

Being a mom isn't easy, and for those of you that are moms, I'm sure you are reading that and saying, "No kidding!"

Well, mamas, I see you, and I know it's one of the most challenging jobs out there.

Mother's Day is not just a day to buy cards, flowers, or even gifts for your moms but also a time to reflect and appreciate all moms do and sacrifice for their families. Here are some fun facts about the history of Mother's Day!