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David's World

If you are going to be a couch potato, at least do it in style. I am sharing my top 9 favorite fashionable and functional couches that you just can't get enough of. In order to feng shui the perfect space you must first start with the most important accessory...A fabulous sofa.
You may think of one-piece suits as something for the more "mature" women in your life, but let me tell you, there's nothing so chic as a well-cut suit. It's timeless, and with so much variety on the market, there's a style to flatter your favorite features.
Hats are a trendy way to express yourself whether it be with your outfit of the day or holidays and occasions like Easter or the Kentucky Derby. We have put together a list of our top 9 favorite hats from cute and casual to fun and exciting. Get ahead in a fabulous hat this season.
Drum Roll please.......
I feel like I spend my life making recommendations or asking for recommendations, so why not create a round up of my favorite things from beauty to home and everything in between?
Introducing David's Top 9!
We are introducing David's top 9, a round up of my favorite things from beauty to home and everything in between. Hop on board if you want to find out what I have been swooning over and some of my very favorite things I use in my own life.
Nothing to whine about here because we are talking about all things wine. With Valentine's this month, I figured "wine" not share some of my favorite red wines that I typically go to or have just recently tried.