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David's World

I have partnered with Susan G Komen as an honorary Pink Tie Guy to help raise money too ind a cure for breast cancer. Join us in the fight against breast cancer and to help make a difference. Donate to the cause by making breast cancer awareness to the forefront.

Though we have paused our own social media this week in order to amplify black voices, we feel that taking the time to learn is the first step to becoming actively anti-racist. 

I admit that I have been too passive, and not as active as I could be in my approach to combating racism. From here on out, I pledge to take a stronger stand. Though I will never personally understand what it means to be black in America, I can continue educating myself to become a better ally. Moving forward, I will be more proactive about seeking out black businesses to support. Over the last week, I have also taken the time to diversify my Instagram feed and find more POC to follow and I'm looking forward to continuing to open myself up to new ideas and people who are changing the world for the better. That's a whole other post that I am planning to do.


As you all know, this week has focused on this crazy global crisis. Firstly, I hope that everyone's health, mentally or physically, is doing well after everything that has transpired with CoronaVirus. Secondly, I think it's extremely important during this time that we come together and support our community and those around us. Our local economy is definitely going to take a hit due to these events and I wanted to highlight a few ways that we can all come together to support small businesses. 

It's been about 4 1/2 years since we did our last candle. I loved them and so did our customers, but for some reason, I just hadn't gotten around to releasing another one. That all changed last fall when we started working with Houston Grand Opera. It was a great opportunity to create a brand new, custom scent just for them.

I have compiled a list of my favorite local businesses (besides yours truly!) that everyone should check out around this time of year. I know the "shop small" trend is drilled into every ones head right after the Thanksgiving, but I think reiterating the importance of keeping Houston businesses around is something that should be remembered year-round. 

If you thought this post was going to be about basketball, you might be disappointed, but not for too long because what I have for you is better than March Madness. (That is a basketball thing, right?) 

We have been hard at work this year working on ways to deepen our relationships with organizations we love. Last week, I introduced our partnership with Susan G. Komen, and this week it's all about Houston Grand Opera (HGO). I've been involved with the opera is some form for over 8 years. The past couple of years we've had the pleasure of dressing many of the chairs of the Concert of Arias and the Opera Ball

Cancer sucks. 

There's really no way to get around that. Whether you survive your diagnosis or not, cancer makes a mess of your life. It challenges everything you know about yourself. Cancer doesn't just stop at you. Its impact on your friends and family can last a lifetime. 

Unfortunately, cancer seems to touch everyone at some point. I've lost count of how many clients we've had who have been diagnosed. In my own family, cancer has taken the lives of my grandmother and my mother-in-law in addition to the many other non-terminal diagnoses. Cancer doesn't seem to care if you've been healthy your whole life or not, have the insurance to cover treatment or not, have a support system to get you through it all. Like I said, it sucks. 

Giving back is at the heart of what we do at Miles David, and it made sense today to highlight some of the organizations that I love.  

To show our love, we will donate 30% of our sales today to organizations that are making a difference.

I would love to know which organizations you support!  #GivingTuesday
I wasn’t living in New York when 9/11 happened. I was in Cleveland, in a college art class working on drawings that I hoped would help me get to design school in New York or Europe. During a class break, my mom called. It sounded like the world was ending. Our teacher returned and said that we should all probably go home.