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David's World

In true David Fashion if a good DIY is trending, I just have to try it. I have tried my hand at peel and stick wallpaper, large canvas art, sponge painting, and furniture refinishing. So, It was only fitting that I try this very cool candle hack and I have to say I am OBSESSED!!!

Let's face it. We've probably already lost sight of our New Year's Resolutions, and January isn't even over yet. That's what so hard about have resolutions that arbitrarily start on January 1st.

Instead of beating yourself up for already failing, think of your goals as a year-long process. You can gradually build up habits that get you to where you want to be throughout the year. It doesn't have to happen all at once, and you aren't a failure if you let your guard down one week.

It’s the holiday season, so hoop-de-do and Dickory dock! Today, we have a simple holiday how-to for you.

This is for all of our minimal chic, or more is more kind of friends and we can’t wait to show you how you can use your fabric napkins as a decorative element to your table setting or dinner.

We will walk you through step by step on how to so you can feel like Martha Stewart during the holidays.

How to get the gifts you really want. This one is for the guys in your life! For all you ladies out there worried about what your husbands, boyfriends, or fathers may get you this year. No worries, just forward him this post and relax, knowing we have your back. 

You guys!

I just discovered the easiest way to get out of doing dishes for the holidays! No, it doesn't involve faking my death or going on a really long walk and not returning until after everyone it asleep. This is totally legit and your family will LOVE you for it. 

It’s always fun picking out or putting together a gift for a special loved one, friend, or coworker. I have my go-to curated boxes, or specially crafted baskets by yours truly that I love to give, but the one thing I have come to realize when spending a pretty penny on a beautiful gift is that you are paying for the presentation.
It’s currently 100 degrees in Houston and I have officially boycotted bras. I have become used to the “sweaty look” – although I always use the makeup industry term “Dewy” because I find this word makes me sound glamourous – and I literally can’t fathom wearing pants. I know you can all relate. The problem is, I’m constantly playing internal tug of war with myself because I CARE. I want to look cute; I really do. It’s just that mother earth has a different plan for me, or does she?

Today's post is a little different than normal. Alyssa and I were talking the other day about her travel schedule and she was saying that she had a huge revelation when she was packing to visit her parents in Virginia. She was only going to be gone a few days, but they were going to be visiting various places and she didn't want to pack a huge bag just for the weekend. That's when she had her "aha moment" and realized that what she needed was staring her in the face... literally every day.

I'll let her tell you...

The last week has definitely turned our world upside down. We went from making gala gowns and wedding dresses to mask makers in an instant. 

I knew we had to at least try to do something that could make a difference. After loads of research (AKA Google) and many conflicting reports, we came up with this design. It's made from non-woven polypropylene fabric. This fabric should have better protection than just plain cotton, and even though it's not hospital grade, it's the closest thing we could find that's readily available and can be used for mass production. 

Black Tie Halloween can be super fun and the possibilities are endless. The main thing to remember is that it should be fun and perhaps err on the classier side of things. This is not the time to dress in one of those costume-in-a-bag-sexy-pirate-costumes. You want to think of interesting characters or smart subjects. It's not the occasion to use Halloween as an excuse to leave the house wearing less than you normally wear to the pool... I digress.

To help you get prepared, we've put together a few simple ideas that can be put together rather easily with a few outfits that we had around the boutique. It doesn't have to be super complicated and you can still look classy and sassy for your next Halloween bash.